Do you know where your water shut off valve is?
Where is my water shut off valve

Water Shut Off Valve

One of the worst things that can happen is to suddenly have a plumbing emergency and not know how to stop the water flow. We hope you never find yourself in the situation asking – Where is my water shut off valve? The damage that the water causes to your home may be more expensive then fixing the cause of the plumbing emergency. If you live in a municipality your water meter and shut off  valve are probably close to each other. If you know where the water meter is then finding your main shut off valve should be rather easy.

Where is my water shut off valve?

If you do not know where your water meter is it is usually under a hatch underground either near the street or between your home and an adjacent property. To find it survey the area by the street and between your property and the properties next to yours for a metal lid. The lid should be labeled water meter or water. Opening the lid should only require just the unscrewing of one bolt.

Once you open the lid you should see a rotating valve or a valve with a flange. If it is a flange you may need a pipe wrench to turn it. If you need to turn the water off turn the valve clockwise.

It is also possible that your shut off valve is located in your basement or crawlspace. Look for the pathway of the main water line running through the basement or crawlspace to locate it. It is important to know exactly where the main water shut off valve is in case you ever have a plumbing emergency. Here is a youtube video showing you how to locate your water shut off valve.

Finding and turning off your water shut off valve is very important especially if you have an underground water leak.

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So now you know where to find your your water shut off valve.

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