What's wrong with my water heater?When our water heaters go out we ask  – What’s wrong with my water heater?  We don’t give our water heaters much thought when they are working correctly. However when they suddenly fail they quickly become top of mind. When this happens it is important to find the source of the problem in order to repair the water heater. How do we go about finding the source of the problem?

  1. If  you are out of hot water it could be that the pilot light on the water heater simply went out. The owners manual that came with your water heater will explain how to relight the pilot light. If you are unable to light it yourself give us a call and we can send one of our plumbers to light it for you.
  2. If you have unusual noises coming from your water heater it is likely that minerals or hard water scale has built up in your tank and is falling off.  If this is the case a plumber should be called to drain the water heater and clear out the sediment. If left unattended your water heater could start experiencing more problems. It is possible if the problem is too bad that the water heater needs to be replaced.
  3. If it appears water is leaking from the tank it could be from a leaking pipe or loose valve. The first thing to do is wipe off the pipes with a dry towel to try and locate the leak. If you do not find a leak on the pipes try tightening the valve. If  the leak is still occurring after tightening the valve it could be from a blocked vent, broken valve, or a defective heating element.  To fix a water heater with a leak from one of these sources you will need the assistance of a plumber.
  4. If the water coming from the water heater is not getting hot enough it could be a problem with the thermostat. If the thermostat is set correctly, the cause could be mineral build up inside the tank that is keeping the water from heating up properly. If this is the case the tank needs to be flushed. Another cause could be the heater’s dip tube. If  is broken, the water won’t heat up properly. To check the dip tube remove the cold water supply line and take the dip tube out of the tank.

If you find the need for a plumber when exploring the problem with your water heater give us a call at  864 663 6105.

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