Faucet dripping - Low water pressure

The simplest of tasks can be aggravating  when you have low water pressure in your home.  If you are experiencing low water pressure in only one or two fixtures it often means all that needs to be done is getting that fixture fixed. If the entire house has low water pressure it could be due to a number of different plumbing issues.

When you are experiencing low water pressure in different areas of the house, the first thing to do is to figure out  the cause. Here’s are some tips that can help locate the source of the problem:

1. Check the water meter. This tip may have you kicking yourself. Did you turn the water meter on all the way after the last time it was turned off? Often when people make plumbing repairs they turn the water back on a little bit at a time and  forget to turn it back on completely. Checking your meter and other water shut off areas yo ensure they are completely turned on is the first thing you should do.

2. Check the main shut off valve.  You should check the main shut off valve after checking your water meter. Check to ensure that it is turned all the way open. For gate valves, they should be turned all way counter clockwise. For ball valves, they should be parallel to the direction of the pipe to be fully opened.

3. Check the pressure regulator.  significant increase or decrease in water pressure can be caused by a problem  with your pressure regulator. If you have a problem with low water pressure in your house this could be the problem.  Replacing the pressure regulator should be done by a professional plumber in Greenville. If this is your issue give the plumbers at KT Plumbing a call at 864-304-1551.

4. You might need to install new pipes. In older homes it can often be that the cause of low water pressure is due to the age of the pipes.   This is especially true if your home is using old galvanized pipes. Over time buildup occurs in pipes that close off water ways and reduce water flow to fixtures until they become unusable. If build up in your pipes is the problem, they need to be replaced with new pipes. A professional plumber in Greenville will need to tackle this major plumbing repair. Call Kt Plumbing at  864-304-1551.

If you are in need of a plumber who can replace your pressure regulator or install new piping in your Upstate area home – Call your Friendly Neighborhood Greenville Plumbers at KT Plumbing 864-304-1551.

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