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What’s wrong with my water heater? – Your Friendly Local Greenville Plumber Helps You Find The Answer

When our water heaters go out we ask  - What's wrong with my water heater?  We don't give our water heaters much thought when they are working correctly. However when they suddenly fail they quickly become top of mind. When this happens it is important to find the source of the problem in order to repair the water [...]

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Before you can understand how a tankless water heater operates, you should understand how a traditional water heater works.  With a standard water heater a large tank holds and heats the water.  The tank continually heats the water to deliver hot water when you need it. A standard water heater uses energy to keep water [...]

Water Heater Prices – What You Need to Know When Buying a Water Heater.

If you have never purchased a water heater before you may be curious about water heater prices. Many people are unaware of the cost and don't consider finding out until they notice the hot water in their showers does not seem like it is lasting as long as it used to. It is important to consider [...]

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Tankless Water Heaters Can Improve the Value of Your Upstate Home

Tankless water heaters can add addiional value to your Upstate SC home.  There are numerous benefits of tankless water heaters over traditional water heaters. With a tankless unit  you save on gas, water and electric bills and they provide hot water quickly and efficiently. Tankless water heaters are smaller than traditional units and are most often [...]

Your Friendly Greenville Plumbers Bring You Plumbing Tips – 1 of 3

For the next few weeks your friendly neighborhood Greenville Plumbers at KT Plumbing will be bringing you tips to help you tackle small plumbing problems in your home.  We will also be sharing some preventive maintenance tips to help you keep your plumbing in tip top shape. Let's start with one of the most important [...]

How To Ensure Your Water Heater is Operating at Peak Effeciency

As residents of Greenville and the other areas in the Upstate, you know how high utility bills can be. Inspecting your water heater and making sure it is operating effeciently can help your family save some money on utility bills. Is your water heater properly insulated? Look not only at the tank but also for [...]

The 8 Most Common Greenville SC Plumbing Repairs

The following list shows the plumbing repairs that are happen most frequently. Most if not all of these can be prevented or at least delayed by regular care and maintenance. Upstate homeowners will find that regular maintenace will often save them money when it does come time for repirs. You should have your plumbing inspected, [...]

Our Greenville plumbers give 7 Tips to save you Money, Water, and Energy

The friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers at KT Plumbing have some tips to help you save money by averting plumbing repairs. We also want to help you save water and energy. So look over the list below for ways you can do all three. Make sure to insulate hot water heaters and pipes to prevent heat [...]

Looking for the best local plumber in Greenville area?

Finding a reliable local plumber is something many Greenville area home and business owners need to do soon after buying their home or business.  Getting your plumbing service inline early on can save you time and frustration later on. It is a good idea after buying a house or business to get a local plumber [...]

5 Tips To Save Money On Plumbing Service

Unless you are doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel plumbing expenses are almost always unexpected. There are some ways to save money on your plumbing service without sacrificing quality work. Often homeowners (especially in an emergency) will call the first plumber that comes up in Google without doing some research first. We know the most [...]