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How to make your hot water heater more efficient

In this post we will cover way to save on your energy bill and conserve more hot water from your hot water heater. Improving how your hot water is distributed will go a long way to accomplish this goal. Here is a list of things to do to improve on the efficiency of your hot [...]

Greenville Plumber Answers Common Plumbing Questions

You have plumbing questions... we have answers. Below we will list some of the most common plumbing questions we receive. Plumbing Questions One of the plumbing questions we get the most is: Plumbing Questions #1: How do get my garbage garbage disposal un-jammed? Plumbing questions - answer #1: One thing you can try is to use an Allen [...]

Are solar water heaters worth the cost?

Will buying a solar water heater save you money on your power bills? The answer of course is yes. However what you need to consider is how long it will take for you to recoup the investment in buying a solar water heating unit. This varies based on the area of the country you live in, [...]

Plumbing Tips: How to flush your water heater

Water heater repair and installation is one of our specialties at KT Plumbing. To extend the life of your water heater it is important to conduct routine maintenance. One of those maintenance steps is to occasionally flush your water heater.  It is easy to flush your water heater and does not require a service call [...]

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Have you lost hot water pressure through your entire house?

If you have lost hot water pressure throughout your home it could be due to several causes. If you have galvanized pipes they may have become rusted. Another cause could be mineral buildup especially if you live in an area that has hard water. If it seems to have happened all of a sudden then [...]

Greenville Plumber – Spring Plumbing Tips

Yesterday was the first official day of  spring and we at KT Plumbing are so glad that spring has sprung. We are also happy that the threat of freezing pipes for homeowners is now put off until next winter. Many upstate homeowners will now turn their attention to doing a little spring cleaning. It is [...]

No hot water in shower? – Greenville Plumber Tips

It is a terrible inconvenience when there is no hot water in your shower. You expect your shower to be hot when you step into it. The thing to remember is the hot water comes from your hot water tank. Usually most problems with no hot water in a shower can be traced back to [...]

Is your shower running cold?

Nothing can make your day take a turn for the worst like stepping into a shower and then discovering the water is not getting hot. Often this could be due to your water heater going out. However that is not always the case. Below is a list of things to check when your shower is [...]

Holiday plumbing tips – How to prepare your home’s plumbing for the holidays.

Many Greenville area homes are filled with friends and relatives during the holidays. You may not give it any thought but the extra guests puts more work on your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Your friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers have some plumbing tips to help you lessen the strain on your plumbing. : Don't ask to [...]

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