water-heater-pricesIf you have never purchased a water heater before you may be curious about water heater prices. Many people are unaware of the cost and don’t consider finding out until they notice the hot water in their showers does not seem like it is lasting as long as it used to. It is important to consider not only the cost of the water heater but the cost of installation as well.

You can expect your water heater to last around 8 to 12 years. If you purchased the water heater new you will more than likely know the age of your water heater. If you bought a home and are unsure of the age of your water heater there is a sticker on most newer water heaters with the installation date. The sticker is usually next to the energy guide and above the warning label stickers. If the installation date is not on the sticker write down the serial code. The serial code often details the month and year that the water heater was installed. If you are past the eight year mark you should examine the condition of the water heater and make plans to replace it in the next couple of years.

Now to what you really want to know – How much does a water heater cost? Unfortunately due to variances in water heater types (conventional vs energy efficient tankless water heaters) and installation costs the price for a new water heater is not really cut and dry.

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Installation Varies

Installation costs can range from $700 to $2000. Several factors influence the cost of  installation.  Where the water heater is being installed is one of the factors that influences the cost of installation. Therefore most plumbers will need to see the area the water heater is being installed in order to give an accurate estimate.  It also depends on what type and size of water heater you are replacing and size and water heater type (conventional or tankless)  that is being installed. There are also situations where things need to be done to bring it up the installation to code which play into the cost.

Hire a Professional 

Make sure the plumber you get to install your water heater is fully licensed. A qualified professional plumber will ensure the unit is installed correctly and make sure that all the safety procedures are in place and everything is installed to code.

Do Not Try and Install a Water Heater Yourself

Why? You ask. Because it is dangerous and improper installation can cause damage to you and/or your home. The danger with electric water heaters revolves around the 240 volts of electricity involved. When dealing with gas heaters you have the danger of possible gas leaks which obviously can cause catastrophic damage.

Things that need to be considered when installing a water heater

  • Proper clearance
  • Drip Pans
  • Properly Plumbed
  • Proper ventilation for gas water heaters

Should you invest in an energy efficient water heater?

An on-demand or tankless water heater will cost more to purchase and install.

On-demand gas units run between $3,200-$4,500. Tankless water heaters run in the low $3,000 for installation and cost between $2,800 to $3,800.

The reason for the increased cost for installation of a tankless water heater is due to the increased difficulty and time it takes to install.  Tankless heaters take between  eight to ten hours to install versus two to three hours for traditional water heaters. They also require a dedicated gas line and special venting requirements.

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