discolored waterDiscolored water can happen for a number of reasons including mineral deposits, improper algae, pipe deterioration, and resin. To find the cause it is best to conduct a water test.

Is your water sometimes black or contain black particles?

If you have Magnesium in your water it will turn black once it is mixed with oxygen. One way to tell if Magnesium is present in your water supply is to look for black inside your toilet tank. It is understandable that you will be quite alarmed if your water is black. However, you should know that Magnesium is harmless. To get rid of the “black water” it will be necessary for you to filter your water. It is a good idea to contact a water softener company as they will be able to determine what will be needed to remove the color from your water. Another possible cause could be due to the rusting of steel or galvanized pipes. The rust flakes could get into your water supply.  Water softeners typically contain natural black resin beads. The water softener can break down and the resin beads can get into the water system.

Are you seeing pink or orange stains from your water?

Pink or orange stains are typically due to the presence of  iron in your water and most often occurs in water supplied from a well.  If you have well water you should have a water softer or filtering system. The water softner or filtering device will keep minerals from entering your water lines. You should test your water to determine the exact mineral content. Water test kits are available at many large retailers, hardware stores, and online.

Does your water look rusty? 

If your water has a rusty or dirty look, it may be due to a clogged drain. If  the water drains slowly from your sink then this is the most likely cause.  Numerous items can cause a clog in your drain. If this happens to you it is recommended that you have one of KT Plumbing’s professional plumbers come out to remove the blockage and perform a cleaning of your system to help prevent future clogs. Give us a call at 864-663-6105.

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