Stinky Plumbing - Tips from KT Plumbing - Plumbers in GreenvilleTips from KT Plumbing – Plumbers in Greenville: How to handle strange smells in your home.

There is not much that is worse than having terrible smells that seem to linger in your home. Not only is it unpleasant for your family but keeps you from having guests, and may even affect the health of your health. Often these horrible smells won’t just go away and if these smells are left univestigated it could cause damage to your plumbing.

The cause of the smell could be due to something lodged in your pipes that  requires a sevice call from a local Greenville plumber. Our expert plumbers will be able to get the  source of the obstruction and remove it. After the obstruction is removed it is a good idea to air out your home. After that you can get back to life with more normal and pleasant smells.

Below we will list some possible sources of unpleasant odors in your home in order to help you find and eliminate them.

Sewer Fumes

Fumes from the sewer may be the source of  terrible odors in your home Due to the release of methane and bacteria these odors are dangerous to the health of your family and need to be dealt with in a timely manner.  High concentrations of methane gas can alos lead to explosions. If you are experiencing these odors contact us right away so we can clear your sewer lines and eliminate the threat to your home and family.


Garbage Disposal Smells

We have all probably experienced bad smells coming from the garbage disposal of our homes at one point or another. It is important to use and maintain your disposal properly.  Terrible smaells coming from your kitchen drain are often the result of a  a clog in the kitchen drain that prevents food items from going down the drain. When a clog occurs food items will sit and rot in the garbage disposal.

Pouring vinegar or lemon juice down the garbage disposal while it is running will often eliminate the smell. However getting rid of the odor is not enough as you need to make sure to clear the clog so that the odor does not resurface. Often it will require the help of a plumber to clear the obstruction from the drain. If that is the case give us a call at 864 663 6105.

Choose a Qualified Greenville Plumbing Comapny

If you are experiencing spoiled, garbage or sewer like smells, you should investigate the source (possibly one of the areas listed above) and call an experienced and licensed Upstate SC plumber . The plumbers at KT Plumbing are experienced, licensed, friendly and we offers a  100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the work is done correctly.

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