sewer drain clogA sewer drain clog should be considered a plumbing emergency. If left unattended you run the risk of the water coming back up into the household plumbing. That can cause toilets to overflow and bad smells throughout your house. If you do find that you have a sewer drain clog – Do not use any of your plumbing and call a local plumber so they can get it cleared immediately.

Below is a list of  ways to identify a sewer drain clog:

Clogs in multiple fixtures – If every plumbing fixture in your home is clogged that is a sure sign that your sewer drain is clogged. Take notice of the toilets in particular as they are most commonly involved in a sewer drain clog.  It is very rare that toilets are working correctly and your main line is blocked. However, sometimes it could be just be a toilet clog so if you have more than one toilet check the other toilets and other drains in your home. Clogs in the  bathtubs and showers in your home are also good signs of a main line blockage. Those drains typically sit lower than other drains in a home.

Water backup when flushing the toilet  – If water backs up into the shower or bathtubs when you flush the toilet flushing the toilet this is a sign that of  a sewer drain clog.

Trapped air in the plumbing system –  You can tell if there is air trapped in the plumbing system by running your sink closest to your toilet. If the water in your toilet rises or bubbles there is a good chance that your main sewer line is clogged.

Check your washing machine – If the toilet overflows or backs up into the tub or shower when the washing machine drains it is possible that is due to a sewer drain clog. One thing to look for if the toilet still flushes when this occurs. If that is the case it could be a blockage with the washing machine and not sewer main line.

Main line clean out – You can also verify a sewer drain clog by checking your main line clean out. First thing to do is to locate the clean out. Then open the clean out by unscrewing or pulling off the cap. Examine the clean out for any waste or water that may be backing up there. If you see water coming up or standing up in the clean out pipe this verifies that you have a main line sewer block.

Once you have verified a sewer drain clog give us a call at 864 663 6105. This is not a clog that you can clear yourself as it requires special equipment. It is important to call as soon as you verify as you will not be able to use your plumbing until it is fixed.

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