tankless-water-heaterTankless water heaters can add addiional value to your Upstate SC home.  There are numerous benefits of tankless water heaters over traditional water heaters. With a tankless unit  you save on gas, water and electric bills and they provide hot water quickly and efficiently.

Tankless water heaters are smaller than traditional units and are most often mounted to the wall. They can be designed to work off of electric or gas power.  Due to the water being continuously heated you never run out of hot water with a  tankless water heaters. You can see how this would be ideal especially for homes that reside three or more people.

Tankless water heaters typically use 20% less energy than  conventional water heaters. You only pay for the water you heat up each time rather than paying to store hot water. The water in a tankless unit is heated up quickly and then dispensed as needed.  If you were to ever sell your home pointing out the energy savings to a potential buyer will assist you in selling your home. The tankless water heater will save them thousands in utility bills.

Since a tankless unit is typically mounted on a wall and is much smaller than the 40 or 50 gallon tank traditional units it saves a lot of space in your home or garage.

Although tankless water heaters are more expensive initially they do last longer than conventional water heaters. The savings on energy bills and the efficiency of tankless units more than makes up for the higher initial cost. You should be make it a point to highlight your tankless unit whenever you sell your home. The new owner will not have that initial cost – just the savings – which makes it a great selling point. There are also tax programs available for using these tankless water heaters. With many home buyers looking for more energy effecient homes a tankless water heater will set you apart from other homes on the market.

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