shower running cold Nothing can make your day take a turn for the worst like stepping into a shower and then discovering the water is not getting hot. Often this could be due to your water heater going out. However that is not always the case.
Below is a list of things to check when your shower is running cold.

Is your shower an Electric Shower?

If you are unfamiliar with how an electric shower operates watch this video.

  1. For electric showers one of the first things to check is the power supply. You need to ensure that the isolator switch is turned on. Also check for any tripped switches or blown fuses.
  2. An electric shower will only function correctly with the hose and head provided. If your hose or showerhead needs replaced give us a call at 864-863-6105.
  3. An electric shower also needs to have sufficient water pressure in order to operate. Many electric showers require a minimum of approximately 1 bar at 8 liters per minute of pressure.

Is your Shower a Mixer Shower?

If you are unfamiliar with how a mixer shower operates watch this video.

  1. Check faucets throughout your home to see if they are dispensing  hot water.
  2. Next check for a possible kinked hose or for air in the hot supply.

Is your shower a traditional shower?

  • Check other faucets to see if they are running hot water. If they are you can probably rule out the hot water heater unless you have more than one unit. If this the case you should give us a call to troubleshoot the problems with your shower.
  • The loss of hot water in the shower could be due to blocked filters. This is something our plumbers will investigate when troubleshooting the problem with your shower.
  • If you are not getting hot water anywhere else in your home or if the water is not getting as hot as it has in the past you have a water heater that either needs to be repaired or replaced. KT Plumbing has a low price guarantee on water heater installation for customers in Upstate South Carolina. Give us a call at 864-863-6105.
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