shower get cold when someone flushes the toiletIt seems most of us has had the experience of  taking a nice hot shower and then suddenly it goes ice cold or boiling hot. When this happens it is a really unpleasant experience. This happens in older homes when someone else in the house has flushed the toilet, started the washing machine, or turned on a faucet.  When you next see this person much like the temperature change you are either boiling mad or act like the ice queen or king. There is a way to ensure this never happens again – it is a valve called a pressure balancing shower valve.  Most states now require that this valve is installed during new home construction.
The way the valve works is when the water pressure changes in the hot and cold water supply lines, a piston opens or closes a small inlet ports to maintain water pressure balance, this helps to keep the water flowing at the previously set  temperature. It is one of those things that can be easily taken for granted. If you don’t have one however you realize how great it would be to have one the next time you get a quick temperature change in the shower. Some pressure valves use a diaphragm that looks like a wheel to trigger the pistons over the hot or cold ports. The valve itself is not very expensive. Installation can be a little pricey as the plumber will need to cut through the shower wall to replace the old valve with the pressure balancing valve. 

So if you want to never run the risk of having your nice relaxing shower rudely interrupted by a sudden temperature change, give your friendly neighborhood plumbers at KT Plumbing in Greer a call at 864-663-6105.

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