Tankless Water HeaterToday I want to talk to you about water heaters. Specifically comparing a standard tank type gas with that of a tankless water heater.. A standard tank type water heater has 50 gallons of storage that is maintained by a regulator at a constant temperature that is predetermined. The water is kept at this temperature no matter if it’s 3 am or 3 pm. It’s easy to see why this type might be a little inefficient- very few people need to have hot water ready to use at 3 am. Most 50 gallon gas water heaters are approximately 60% efficient. That means that they burn 60% of the gas that they require.

A tankless water heater on the other hand is more efficient. Not only does it only heat water when you actually need it, but also it’s much more efficient. On average tankless water heaters are 40% more efficient, and depending on the particular make and model they can have efficiency ratings as high as 97%, which means they’re burning 97% of the gas they draw in. A tankless water heater only runs when you are actually calling for hot water, not in the middle of the night when there isn’t a need. Overall, they can save you approximately $90 per year. It would take approximately 10 years to pay for the difference between a tankless and standard tank type water heater. Although this seems like a long time, most people spend a longer length of time in one house.

I highly recommend switching today to a tankless water heater. The savings realized over time can be substantial, not to mention that you’re using less energy.

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