Greenville Plumbing ServiceWhen something bad happens with your plumbing and you need to call a Greenville plumbing service it is a good idea to follow the steps below. Following these steps will not only help you get the most out of the current service call but also future plumbing service calls.

Before You Call for Service:

Before the plumber arrives if you take the following steps it will save time once they arrive.

  • Make a list of plumbing problems. Check all areas of your home for other possible plumbing problems in addition to the problem you are calling about. The plumber may be able to fix those problems on the same visit and save you the cost of an additional service call. If you notice a problem that may require a part that the plumber may not be bringing on their visit, call ahead and they may be able to bring it with them. Our plumbers will be glad to do a complete home plumbing inspection for free during the service call.
  • Try to reproduce the problem – it’s always frustrating if the problem doesn’t happen when the plumber arrives.
  • Have any original paperwork on hand and ready to help identify the model and part numbers.

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When Calling for Service:

  • Explain in as much detail as possible on the phone about the plumbing problem. Tell the plumber the exact fixture such as bathroom sink rather than just saying my sink is leaking.
  • If you have the original paperwork for the fixture that is going to be repaired, let the plumber know the brand and model number on the phone so they can bring any necessary parts.

Before the Plumber Arrives:

  • Please put any large pets  outside in a fenced yard or closed in another room. Having a large animal roaming around during the visit will at the very least be a distraction.
  • Clear out any areas such as under sinks, nearby counter tops, etc..where work will be performed.
  • If you are getting your water heater replaced make sure the path to it is cleared.

After the Plumber Arrives:

  • Be honest – If you attempted to fix the problem yourself  – let the plumber know. Explain the problem as you see it. The less troubleshooting the plumber needs to do the more time you will save on the service call.

Before the Plumber Leaves:

  • Have the plumber explain exactly the repairs that were made and any parts that were placed.
  • If new fixtures or appliances were installed ask about warranties.
  • Inspect the plumbers work prior to leaving and ask about any service guarantees.
  • If satisfied with the work ask for contact information, future promotions, referral programs, and where you can leave a review.
  • If you called us and the free home plumbing inspection had not been performed – ask the plumber to do this before they leave  so you can schedule a follow up visit (possibly at a discount) or they may be able to fix anything they find before they leave. At the very least you will know where you stand with the rest of your plumbing.

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