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Cool kitchen and bathroom gadgets for your home

Kitchen and Bathroom Gadgets When it comes to adding cool kitchen or bathroom gadgets to your Greenville area home most homeowners don't look much further then large jetted garden tubs or water filtration systems. Below we will list a few other kitchen and bathroom gadgets that you could add to your bathroom or kitchen. These [...]

Does your shower get cold when someone flushes the toilet? We have a remedy.

It seems most of us has had the experience of  taking a nice hot shower and then suddenly it goes ice cold or boiling hot. When this happens it is a really unpleasant experience. This happens in older homes when someone else in the house has flushed the toilet, started the washing machine, or turned [...]

Getting a washer & dryer hook-up professionally installed

In the event you want to move your existing laundry setup or make a laundry room addition to your home it will be necessary to get a washer and dryer hookup installed. One practical reasons for doing this would be when you have additional guest quarters ( a loft over the garage for instance) that you want to [...]