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Hi-Tech Plumbing

In today's world of handheld motion activated computers (tablets and smartphones) and  smart TV's - what about hi-tech plumbing? Technology seems to be advancing at a pace never before seen in previous generations. Yet most people still have the same basic type of plumbing fixtures that outside of design and materials used seem to have not [...]

How Do I Stop a Running Toilet

We have all heard the joke - “Is your toilet running?” - “Then you better go and catch it!” You want your toilet to quite when it is done flushing. Water Industry Statistics say that  90 percent of high water bills are caused by leaky toilets and that 10% of all indoor water usage can be attributed to running [...]

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How to Choose a Toilet.

In this post we will talk about how to choose a toilet. You may think choosing a toilet for a bathroom remodel would require little thought.  You may think there isn't much variety when it comes to commodes. When in fact size, height, style, and functionality are all things to consider when finding the perfect fit [...]