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Do You Have a Bad Smell Coming From Your Kitchen Sink?

When you have a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink it can make doing anything in the kitchen or nearby rooms seem unbearable. Dealing with this situation is a top priority in order to get back to being able to enjoy your entire house again. If not dealt with you could end up spending [...]

How to properly clean plumbing fixtures and faucets

To properly clean plumbing fixtures in your home it is important to know how as well as what types of chemicals and materials to use and not to use. How To Clean Stainless Steel Sinks: To remove stains and build up your stainless steel sink should be cleaned a couple times a week with a [...]

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Why has your kitchen faucet suddenly lost water pressure?

Has your kitchen faucet suddenly lost water pressure. The first thing to do is make sure that it is the only area in your home that the water pressure has slowed. Go through your home and turn on your faucets one by one turn on the cold and hot separately. If they all seem to [...]

5 Plumbing Tips to Lower Your Water Bill

As we get closer to the summer season it is a good idea to think of ways to lower your water bill. The water usage for most homes increases during the late spring and summer months. Sprinklers and pools are being used, more showers are often taken, cars are washed, and more water is just used in [...]

Getting a washer & dryer hook-up professionally installed

In the event you want to move your existing laundry setup or make a laundry room addition to your home it will be necessary to get a washer and dryer hookup installed. One practical reasons for doing this would be when you have additional guest quarters ( a loft over the garage for instance) that you want to [...]

The 7 most common toilet problems

Toilet problems are often the most dreaded of plumbing problems for homeowners. Below we cover the 7 most common toilet problems and offer some solutions. Bowl Water Level Drops If you notice that the water level in your toilet bowl decreases significantly over time it could be a couple things. One problem could be that [...]

How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

A common occurrence in every household is a clogged toilet. In this post we will show you how to properly fix a clogged toilet. How do you know if your toilet is clogged? The easiest way to tell is to look at the water level if it is higher than usual it is likely that you [...]

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Greenville Plumber – Spring Plumbing Tips

Yesterday was the first official day of  spring and we at KT Plumbing are so glad that spring has sprung. We are also happy that the threat of freezing pipes for homeowners is now put off until next winter. Many upstate homeowners will now turn their attention to doing a little spring cleaning. It is [...]

Bathtub Installation – Tips from Local Greenville Plumber

One of the primary replacements in a bathroom remodel is the bathtub. Picking the right model and features of your new tub can be a daunting process let alone actually getting it installed correctly. It is important to have a professional involved in your bathtub installation from the beginning. Kt Plumbing has professional plumbers ready [...]

Warning: Will Cause Broken Garbage Disposals and Drain Clogs.

A common problem we often run into is clogged drains due to someones kids sticking a toy or other random object down the drain. So in honor of this we have started a thread on our Facebook page entitled What is the weirdest  thing your kids or other family member has ever put down the [...]