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Do It Yourself Plumbing Disasters

Upstate homeowners can save money by taking on home repairs and improvements. However in most cases it is best to call a professional plumber in Greenville to avoid plumbing disasters. Do it yourself projects almost always turn out to be more difficult then you realize. The results can often look like the pictures below and [...]

Does Your Greenville Home Need A Plumbing Inspection?

Most Greenville and Upstate SC residents and businesses don't give much thought to their plumbing. It's the old 'out of sight out of mind' cliche'.  However when a problem or emergency occurs they often finds themselves thinking that they wished they had seen it coming. The truth is you can prevent or at least decrease [...]

When to Service and When to Replace Plumbing Fixtures

It is not always easy to know when to repair or when to replace plumbing fixtures. It can be really frustrating to find out  that a major household appliance is broken beyond repair. This often means that the  job will cost a lot more than you had planned. The homeowners plea is often "Can't you [...]

Hi-Tech Plumbing

In today's world of handheld motion activated computers (tablets and smartphones) and  smart TV's - what about hi-tech plumbing? Technology seems to be advancing at a pace never before seen in previous generations. Yet most people still have the same basic type of plumbing fixtures that outside of design and materials used seem to have not [...]

How to fix low water pressure

The simplest of tasks can be aggravating  when you have low water pressure in your home.  If you are experiencing low water pressure in only one or two fixtures it often means all that needs to be done is getting that fixture fixed. If the entire house has low water pressure it could be due to a [...]