drain cleaningProper drain cleaning requires more than the a bottle of the “drain cleaner” that you will find at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store.  As a matter of fact any professional plumber will tell you that the liquid drain cleaners are usually only a temporary fix and may actually damage your drain pipes.

Below we will list a few advanced tools most often used by professional plumbers for drain cleaning. These tools will clean and unclog your drains completely without damaging your plumbing.  It is important that a professional plumber uses these tools rather than an inexperienced homeowner to ensure they are used correctly.

Drain Cleaning Tools

1.Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting involves shooting highly pressurized hot water out of a nozzle.  The pressurized water cleans the inside of the drains and removes any obstructions. The highly pressurized water can be dangerous so only professionally trained plumbers should Hydro Jet your plumbing.

2. Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are widely available at hardware stores. However the drain snakes used by professional plumbers are a more powerful motorized version. A drain snake is essentially a long wire coil that can navigate deep into your drain pipes to reach clogs. The motor on a motorized drain snake turns the wire. A plumber will use the drain snake to clear or extract a clog from your pipes.

3. Video Inspection

Video inspection equipment is used to investigate the source of drain clogs. Plumbing video inspection equipment consists of  small cameras and LED lights mounted on the end of a long fiber-optic cable. The plumber uses the camera and lights to find the clogs in your drain pipes. Once the source of the clog is detected it makes it much easier and efficient for the plumber to clear the drain.

You should have your drains professionally cleaned once a year to keep clogs at bay and maintain adequate water pressure. Call on The Sunny Plumber today to arrange for quality drain and sewer services in Glendale, AZ.

If you would like to schedule drain cleaning service or if you require immediate  drain cleaning service in Greenville, SC or the surrounding upstate area call your friendly local plumbers at KT Plumbing. 864-663-6105

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