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When searching for  Mauldin plumbers online or in the phone listings (does anyone still use the phone book?) it is sometimes difficult to know how to choose. With social media we can ask our friends which Mauldin plumbers they have used in the past and their experience.  Recommendations from friends are often the best way to go.

Most people when searching for Mauldin plumbers have the following criteria

  • Professional Service – Plumbers come into homes and businesses and it is important that they conduct themselves professionally.
  • Integrity – They want a plumbing company that does what they say will.
  • Fair Price – They want the job done but the don’t want to feel like they have been taken to the cleaners
  • Expertise -The want a plumber that can recommend the Best Solution to their plumbing problems.

So if your looking for all the above criteria – Look No Further than KT Plumbing.

If you are looking for professional Mauldin plumbers please call KT Plumbing today at 864-663-6105 or complete our service request form.

Info on Mauldin, SC from your Friendly Neighborhood Mauldin Plumbers:

Mauldin is located near the Greer/Spartanburg metro area. It has between 15,000-20,000 residents. The town is named after a Lieutenant Governor from 1820 by the name of W.L. Mauldin. The town was almost completely abandoned during the Civil War as most of the residents left to fight. Bi-Lo one of the largest Grocery Chains in the region once had its corporate headquarters located in Mauldin. One of the most famous people to come from Mauldin is the 15 time NBA All Star Kevin Garnett. Garnett has had a very lengthy NBA career that to this point has spanned 19 seasons. Other notable people to have once called Mauldin home include the Hollywood actor Orlando Jones and Major Leauge Baseball Player Al Yeargin.

KT Plumbing provides fast and friendly service to Mauldin as well as the surrounding areas of Upstate SC. If you need Mauldin plumbers look no further then KT Plumbing.

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Amazing services! Knowledgable, quick and efficient, Great prices, friendly and clean! I Highly recommend! Very happy with their services.

Kristen Vaughn , Mauldin, SC

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