If your Greenville area home has a large bathroom that seems drab or outdated your friendly neighborhood plumbers have some ideas on how to remodel a large bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom will not only improve the overall beauty of your home but increase it’s value as well.

  1. how to remodel a large bathroom
    Add or Remodel Existing Shower – If you currently have a bathtub/shower combo I good idea is to separate the two. The stand alone shower makes showering much more enjoyable than standing in a tub with a shower curtain. Adding stone to your shower walls gives a upscale appearance.  Glass or frosted doors also make for a much improved look over the bathtub with a shower curtain.
  2. Bathtub Remodel – Most homes have the boring oblong basic bathtubs installed. Changing out that tub with a more elegant and sophisticated tub would greatly improve the look and feel of your bathroom.
  3. Dual Bathroom SinksDual Sinks – Upgrading your vanity to include his and her sinks instead of the usual single sink would enhance your bathrooms functionality and appearance greatly.
  4. Creative Bathroom Storage – There are numerous design improvements you can make to your bathroom to save space while improving the overall look of your bathroom. Many bathrooms have storage fixtures that do not use the space they reside in effectively. Often many families find the need for additional storage in the bathroom that is not currently available. Finding ways to creatively use existing space to add additional storage without making the bathroom feel cluttered or cramped is the key.
  5. Improved Bathroom Lighting– Adding additional or improving the current lighting in your bathroom can turn a dim unattractive bathroom into a illuminated inviting space.
  6. Bathroom WindowsBathroom  Windows ? – I know this may seem like the last space you want to add windows. However if you this portion of your house faces a wooded area or you have a privacy wall or fence close to the outside wall of the bathroom adding a large window can let natural light in, improve the atmosphere, and make your bathroom seem larger. To block bad weather or glaring morning or late afternoon light blinds or draperies can also be added. It might be worth looking into creative landscaping, adding a wooden fence or adding an outside wall if adding a window would greatly improve your bathroom. If adding a wall window is outside of the question due to what the outside wall faces adding a skylight would be the next best thing to do.
  7. Vanity Remodel – Depending on the age of your home or what was initially installed when your house was built a vanity remodel may be a worthwhile upgrade. Marble or granite countertops, twin sinks (mentioned previously), mirror and lighting upgrades, and cabinetry remodel are a few things you can do to improve the vanity area of your bathroom.
  8. Stone Bathroom Walls

    Bathroom Walls – Replacing boring wallpaper or flat paint on your bathroom walls with stone or wood textures can give your bathroom a complete new look and feel.

  9. Bathroom Flooring – Replacing the ordinary tile floor with a hardwood. pebble stone, larger tiles, or using creative borders can improve the look of your bathroom.
  10. Expanding a Bathrooms Overall Size – If your bathroom is not currently large enough to the improvements you want to, you can expand it by knocking out walls and diminishing the size of a larger adjacent room.  Bonus tip: Adding a pocket door (one that slides in and out of the wall) rather than a door that swings in or out can be a real space saver.

If these ideas have inspired you to make some improvements to your bathroom we would love to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call at 864 663 6105.

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