To properly clean plumbing fixtures in your home it is important to know how as well as what types of chemicals and materials to use and not to use.

to properly clean plumbing fixtures

How To Clean Stainless Steel Sinks:

To remove stains and build up your stainless steel sink should be cleaned a couple times a week with a wash cloth and a mildly abrasive cleanser, like Comet. Then make sure you rinse and dry the sink when you are done cleaning. Never use SOS pads or anything more abrasive than a cloth to clean your sink SOS pads can cause rust or damage your sink by depositing small iron particles in the grain lines of your sink.

How To Clean Faucets:

No matter what type of finish you have on your faucets all you need to clean them is some hot water and a soft wash cloth. Over time calcium, soap, and  iron deposits can build up around the handles or aerator. It should be easy to remove these deposits with hot soapy water. After you clean your faucets make sure to wipe them dry with a soft cloth to keep from water from spotting and prevent mineral build-up.

To Clean Cast Iron and China Sinks:

For cast iron and china sinks all you need is a a non abrasive bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth. Calcium and iron deposits can build-up on your cast iron and china products over time. To avoid damage to your finish never use cleaners containing strong chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or harsh abrasives as these can damage the finish.

How to Clean Marble Vanity Tops:

For marble vanities you need to use lukewarm water, a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. Again make sure you wipe the vanity dry after cleaning. It is important to not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning tools as marble has a slightly unstable chemistry and is quite delicate.

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