holiday plumbing tipsMany Greenville area homes are filled with friends and relatives during the holidays. You may not give it any thought but the extra guests puts more work on your plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Your friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers have some plumbing tips to help you lessen the strain on your plumbing. :

  • Don’t ask to much from your garbage disposal. To avoid breaking or clogging your garbage disposal make sure you throw food waste such as grease. cheese, meat, celery, potato & carrot peels into the trash.
  • Make use of small trash cans. Give your guests an easy place to dispose of trash, wipes, and tissues by placing small trash cans in your bathrooms. This will help you avoid the possible unwelcome (especially during the holidays) toilet clogs and overflows.
  • Prior to having guests over do an overall plumbing exception. Refer to our Plumbing Maintenance checklist to ensure your plumbing is ready for the extra work it will do during the holidays.
  • Turn up the temperature on your water heater. The extra cooking, cleaning & hand washing during the holidays is going to put extra demand on your water heater. By increasing the temperature on your water heater prior to the arrival of your guests you will be able to give your family and friends hot water when needed. Caution: Do not exceed 125 degrees on your water heater temperature and upon departure of your guests reset your water heater to more appropriate and energy saving level.
  • Clean plumbing fixtures. Clean your bathroom and kitchen sinks, tubs ,and shower faucets with vinegar to remove any build up to ensure free flow of water. Not to mention cleaning your faucets with vinegar also makes them nice and shiny for your company.

By doing the above listed items you will have little worry over your plumbing. If you do have a plumbing problem or you need us to come do some work prior to having your family and friends over for the holidays give us a call at 864 663 6105.

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