homeowner inspecting plumbingSpring time is almost here and  many  area homeowners take up the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Greenville plumbing company KT Plumbing is here to help. It also is a great time to take care of some plumbing maintenance. Below is a checklist that you can use that will make sure your plumbing is in working order and possibly prevent costly repairs.

Greenville Plumbing Maintenance Inside The House

  •  To prevent hair and food debris from clogging drains you should replace broken and cracked strainers in sinks and tubs to prevent hair.
  •  Inspect your sinks, tubs, toilets, and under sink pipes for leaks. If you find any make sure to give your Greenville plumbers a call at 864-663-6105 so that we can take care of them before they get out of control.
  •  Inspect toilet tank and bowl for cracks or damage. If you find any cracks call KT Plumbing  to fix or replace immediately.
  •  Check how your toilets flush. Does the handle have to be jiggled or held down in order to stop the water flow? If so parts should be replaced in order to save money on your water bill. This is a fairly easy task but if you would like our help give us a call.
  •  Turn all water valves in house off and on to ensure they do not stick or accumulate mineral buildup.
  •  Look at all your shower heads and clean off any mineral deposits by soaking them in vinegar overnight and gently scrubbing them.
  •  For drains (including floor drains) that are not used very often pour a gallon of water down them to fill the trap and prevent odors from entering the house. Slow floor drains should be snaked to ensure they will carry away water quickly in the event of a flood. Snaking drains should be done by a professional plumber as improper use can cause damage to operator and/or your plumbing.
  •  To ensure your home sump pump (if you have one) is operating properly by dumping a few buckets of water into the pit. The pump is working correctly if it quickly turns on, discharge the water and then shuts off without any problems.
  • Flush your water heater  tank and checking the anode rod. Look for our next blog post for instructions on how to do this properly.

Greenville Plumbing Maintenance Outside The House

  •  Check your yard drains for major soil corrosion or obstructions. Clean your gutter and downspouts. Pour some water down the downspouts to ensure they are flowing smoothly.
  •  Turn on outside faucets and make sure water flows freely. Look for possible leaks. If the faucet drips you may have had a cracked pipe that needs to be replaced.
  •  Inspect your vent pipes for bird nests or other obstructions.
If you encounter any issues with your plumbing while going thru the checklist – Call your friendly neighborhood plumbers in Greenville and we will fix everything possible in one trip to save you money on multiple service calls.
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