Garbage Disposal Repair in Greenville

Garbage Disposal Repair Greenville SC

KT plumbing provides garbage disposal repair and replacement to Greenville and surrounding upstate communities.

Our Services:

  • Garbage Disposal Installations
  • Garbage Disposal Repairs
  • Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Garbage Disposals


  • You should  make sure the water is running when ever the disposal is running.
  • It is always better to use your garbage can, rather then the disposal.
  • Potato peals will cause your drain to get clogged.
  • Disposals should be run just until the food has been ground up-which is usually less than 30 seconds.
  • Also, make sure to run a full stream of cold water through the disposal while it grinds. Then let the water run for another 30 seconds after you turn off the disposal.

Garbage disposals often jam or break if something solid gets stuck between the spinning plate and the inner wall of the disposal. You should not attempt to service your garbage disposal yourself.  Call a plumber in greer for any needed repairs to your garbage disposal.

If you are looking for Greer garbage disposal repair, then please call 864-663-6105 or complete our service request form.

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