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Why has your kitchen faucet suddenly lost water pressure?

Has your kitchen faucet suddenly lost water pressure. The first thing to do is make sure that it is the only area in your home that the water pressure has slowed. Go through your home and turn on your faucets one by one turn on the cold and hot separately. If they all seem to [...]

5 Plumbing Tips to Lower Your Water Bill

As we get closer to the summer season it is a good idea to think of ways to lower your water bill. The water usage for most homes increases during the late spring and summer months. Sprinklers and pools are being used, more showers are often taken, cars are washed, and more water is just used in [...]

Greenville Plumber – Spring Plumbing Tips

Yesterday was the first official day of  spring and we at KT Plumbing are so glad that spring has sprung. We are also happy that the threat of freezing pipes for homeowners is now put off until next winter. Many upstate homeowners will now turn their attention to doing a little spring cleaning. It is [...]

Warning: Will Cause Broken Garbage Disposals and Drain Clogs.

A common problem we often run into is clogged drains due to someones kids sticking a toy or other random object down the drain. So in honor of this we have started a thread on our Facebook page entitled What is the weirdest  thing your kids or other family member has ever put down the [...]

No hot water in shower? – Greenville Plumber Tips

It is a terrible inconvenience when there is no hot water in your shower. You expect your shower to be hot when you step into it. The thing to remember is the hot water comes from your hot water tank. Usually most problems with no hot water in a shower can be traced back to [...]

What To Do if Your Garbage Disposal is Not Grinding

If your garbage disposal is not grinding it does not always need to be replaced. Below is a list of several things to check before calling your friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers at KT Plumbing. The #1 reason most garbage disposals stop working is because they need to be reset. To reset your disposal look for [...]

What You Should Know When Purchasing a Garbage Disposal

In most new home and condos garbage disposals having a garbage disposal installed is standard.  It makes kitchen clean up and food prep much easier when you do not have to worry about small bits of food clogging your sink drain. If your garbage disposal bites the dust, your building a new home, or looking to [...]

Fixing a Garbage Disposal – Greenville Plumber Tips

A garbage disposal is a convenience that many homeowners take for granted until it no longer works. In this post we will go through the process of fixing a garbage disposal. If you turn on the switch to your disposal and the disposal does not operate and there is no humming sound the steps below [...]

5 causes for a blocked drain – Greenville Plumber Tips

A blocked drain is a common and annoying problem experienced at some stage in many Greenville area homes and businesses. There are multiple reasons that drains will clog and often only the symptom of the blocked drain is treated and not the cause of the clog. The most common causes of blocked drains are: Improper [...]

Is your shower running cold?

Nothing can make your day take a turn for the worst like stepping into a shower and then discovering the water is not getting hot. Often this could be due to your water heater going out. However that is not always the case. Below is a list of things to check when your shower is [...]