To keep your garbage disposal operating at pick efficiency and extend it’s life it is important that it is properly maintained and used correctly.Garbage Disposal

Improper use or lack of maintenance of your garbage disposal can lead to more than just the need for repair or replacement of the disposal. Garbage disposal problems can also lead to  blocked drains or other costly plumbing problems.

Maintaining a garbage disposal is very easy. Below we list what you should and should not do to keep your garbage disposal in peak operating condition for a long time. By following these garbage disposal tips you can avoid having to call a local Greer plumber to come out to repair or replace your disposal.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep your garbage disposal clean. Occasionally you should pour a little cold water and dish soap inside and let the garbage disposal run for a minute.
  • You should run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. By running your disposal regularly you can prevent rust and corrosion and keep obstructions from accumulating.
  • Use a steady flow of cold water when you are grinding food in your garbage disposal.
  • Grind harder food items like chicken and fish bones, egg shells, and  fruit pits.  By grinding these items you create a scouring action that will clean the garbage disposal walls.
  • To keep odors at bay you should grind citrus fruit peelings such as lemon and orange peels.
  • Anything that is very large needs to be broken or chopped into smaller pieces to make it easier for the garbage disposal to break them down.
  • Do not put anything in the disposal that is not biodegradable food.
  • Non food materials such as paper, metal, plastic or glass should never be put into the disposal.
  • This should be common sense but never put anything combustible in your garbage disposal.
  • The disposal is not an ashtray so cigarette and cigar butts should never be put in the disposal.
  • Grease, oil, and fats can cause damage to your disposal or clog your pipes so do not pour them down your drain.
  • Avoid using hot water when grinding food waste. Hot water will cause any grease that has made it into the disposal  to liquefy and lead to drain clogs.
  • You should not grind anything that is very fibrous like celery stalks,, corn husks, and onion skins.  The fibers can become tangled in the disposal causing jams and possibly lead to the need for repair or replacement of your garbage disposal.
  • Keep the water running the entire time the garbage disposal is in use. Make sure to turn the water on before starting the disposal and turn off the disposal prior to turning off the water.
  • Do not add lots off food waste into the garbage disposal all at once. Feed the food waste into the disposal a little at a time. This will keep the disposal from possibly jamming and allow time for the food particles to get down through the disposal and down the drain.
  • Avoid putting foods like pasta and rice down the garbage disposal. These food items can expand in your pipes and cause clogs.
  • Large bones such as pork or beef bones should not be put into the disposal.
  • Many people put coffee grounds in the disposal however this is not something you should do. Not because it can damage your disposal but because it can cause drain clogs when they accumulate.
  • Do not put harsh chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners in your disposal. These chemicals can damage blades and pipes.
  • You can use ice to help clean your garbage disposal. Using ice to clean your disposal will also sharpen the blades and remove grease build up.
  • Another way to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal is to use freeze vinegar into ice cubes and grinding them in your disposal.
  • Occasionally pouring baking soda down your drains and letting it sit for an hour or even overnight is another good practice for eliminating odors.
  • Never put your hand in the disposal while it is running if you do you will probably need a doctor more then a plumber. If needing to get something out of the disposal – unplug and use something other than your hands (coat hanger, pliers, etc..) to get the object to avoid any potential accidents.

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