Garbage Disposal CleaningWe love our Garbage disposals because they are great for getting rid of food waste and preventing drain clogs. What we don’t like is when they develop terrible smells that can make the entire kitchen smell! So in order to combat those bad scents here are a few tips to get your garbage disposal smelling much better.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

A natural odor eliminator is baking soda. Pouring a box of baking soda down the drain while running warm water will help to reduce or eliminate the odors. If the odor persists you should pour more baking soda down the drain and let it sit overnight or at least a few hours, then rinse with warm water. What also works is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Mix or simultaneously pour them. To sharpen the disposals blades and deodorize at the same time make vinegar ice cubes and run them through your garbage disposal. Ice can clear the impeller and body of the disposal of debris which will help remove the root cause of unwanted odors. Do this once a week to keep the disposal fresh.

Citrus Can Also Eliminate Odors

The first thing to do is to run your garbage disposal again to get rid of any food that may still be left in it. The next step is to cut a lemon into quarters and add it to the machine. You should then run the disposal for about 30 seconds to completely grind up the lemons and eliminate any unpleasant odors. Any citrus fruit will work it does not have to be lemons. Try and get in the practice of  tossing your fruit rinds in the garbage disposal whenever you use citrus for cooking or eating to keep your disposal deodorized. If you have metal pipes do not use citrus as they can be corrosive.

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Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Many home improvement stores carry a garbage disposal brush. You should use the brush in conjunction with a mild detergent or vinegar/baking soda mix. To clean gently scrub the sides of the disposal to remove any dried debris. For safety, ensure that the disposal is unplugged or the circuit breaker that controls the disposal is off when cleaning. Clean periodically to keep the garbage disposal fresh and operating effectively.

Ways To Prevent Disposal Odors

To help prevent odors from your disposal, run the garbage disposal each time you rinse or wash dishes. Keep food debris from building up in your disposal. You may need to get the disposal fixed or replaced if  you cannot seem to eliminate the smells even after cleaning. If you need one of our friendly neighborhood upstate plumbers to take a look at your disposal give us a call at  864 663 6105.

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