fix-a-clogged-toiletA common occurrence in every household is a clogged toilet. In this post we will show you how to properly fix a clogged toilet. How do you know if your toilet is clogged? The easiest way to tell is to look at the water level if it is higher than usual it is likely that you have a clogged toilet. To fix a toilet clog the first thing you need to try is using a plunger. It is important that you have the right plunger for the job. The plunger you use should have a wooden handle and not the plastic handle accordion style that you can find in many stores or the ones with the small orange cup. 

Once you have the right plunger you need t insert it into the toilet making sure to cover the entire drain. Make sure you are standing right over top of the toilet. Begin pushing down then pulling back. Do this repeatedly to create suction. When the obstruction is cleared you will begin to see the water level go down. Flush the toilet to make sure it flushes. If it does not repeat the process of plunging. Make sure to have a disposal container like a plastic bag to transport the plunger back to it’s storage spot. Doing this will keep you from dripping dirty water thru your house. If plunging does not clear the blockage you may have a more serious clog that requires the assistance of a local plumber. This is especially more likely if you have multiple toilets clogging up. If the clog keeps returning even after plunging it may be a good idea to call a plumber as well.

Why does it seem like my toilet is always running?

toilet is always runningThere are several reasons that your toilet is always running.

It could be water leaking from the toilet tank.

If your toilet is flushing itself it more than likely is due to water escaping from the tank into the bowl until the level of water in the toilet bowl rises. This causes the bowl to siphon and  flush.  This problem can be solved by changing the flapper that may be defective or adjusting the water level.

You could have a loose seal

The seal in your toilet tank could be loose or in need of replacement.  You should also check the flapper to make sure it is in operating condition and not loose as well. If the water level in the bowl drops to a certain point it causes the float to drop as well, which makes the toilet refill.  Another possible issue is the small tube that carries water from the fill valve to the 1-inch tube in the middle of the tank may be too far down into the tube. If it is it will siphon water out of the toilet  tank and into the bowl. This causes the float to drop and the toilet to refill itself.

It could be due to damage or debris 

You may have a crack and a small leak in your toilet bowl or tank. Look for Your flush assembly could also be in need of repair or their may be debris that is causing the constant siphoning of water from the tank to the bowl.

If you have any of the problems above give your local Greer Plumbers a call at 864-663-6105 and we can get your toilet back to normal for you.

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