Before you can understand how a tankless water heater operates, you should understand how a traditional water heater works.  With a standard water heater a large tank holds and heats the water.  The tank continually heats the water to deliver hot water when you need it. A standard water heater uses energy to keep water hot even when it is not needed. Electric Tankless water heaters heat the water as you need. These systems are often called on demand water heaters . Since the system does not heat the water continuously even when it’s not needed it makes the tankless system much more efficient than a  traditional water heater system.

To deliver  hot water when you need it a tankless water heater uses a heat exchanger that raises the temperature of the water.  What a heat exchanger does is transfer heat from one source to another.  The heat transfer with a electric tankless water heater happens from electric coils to the water that comes out of your faucets and showers. The exchanger is activated by the incoming flow of water. The incoming water flows through the activated exchanger when you turn on your hot water tap, which heats the cold water to your preset temperature.

There are two varieties of  Tankless systems -Whole house water heaters and Point of Use water heaters. The Point-of-use systems are small and only heat water for one or two outlets — say, your bathroom shower or kitchen sink. Point of use systems are often often installed under cabinets or in closets due to their smaller size.  They have less water loss due to less lag time because they are installed closer to the release point of the water. In large houses a tankless point of use system can save up to several minutes in lag time.  Whole house systems are more expensive, larger and can operate more than one outlet at a time. Whole house tankless water heaters are most often powered by gas or propane while, most point-of-use models are generally electric. Which model to go with and what heating source you should use depends on many different factors.

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