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KT Plumbing can tackle any of your Drain Cleaning or Drain Clearing needs. Your home’s drain lines are easy to forget about until their is a problem. The highly trained plumbing technicians at KT Plumbing are ready to solve the drain problems in your Greer or Spartanburg area home or business.

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Our licensed Greer plumbers use state of the art video camera line inspections to quickly and accurately find any problems with your drain lines in your Greenville area home or business. Problems with your drains often can be the result of damage from tree or plant roots, shifting soil, or wear due to the age or material of the drain pipes.

In addition to drain cleaning, here are some of the drain problems that KT Plumbing can handle for you:

    • Clearing bathroom sinks and tub drains
    • Drain backup repairs
    • Clogged toilets
    • Slow drains
    • Garbage disposals
    • Rooter and drain snaking services
    • Clogged shower drains
    • Kitchen sink drains
    • Sewer main line cleaning
    • Sewer line cleaning
    • And much more!

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Drain Cleaning Tips From Your Friendly Greer Plumber

Unclogged Kitchen SinkMany times a Greenville plumber will get called out to fix things that could have been prevented with a little maintenance. One of those thing is fixing clogged drains. Often it is a kitchen or bathroom sink that had been draining slowly for months and the homeowners have been meaning to pick up some  liquid drain cleaner or call a plumber to take care of it… However the water goes down eventually so it is often continually forgotten. What happens next? – It doesn’t drain at all.   Now a decision has to be made – try and fix it yourself or call a plumber. If you’re an in home handyman (or handywoman)  that can tackle clearing a drain, we’ve got some tips for you. If you’re not an in home handyman/handywoman,  give us a call ( 864-304-1551 ) and we will get it cleared for you without charging you an arm and a leg.

Tips For Clearing a Clogged Drain

Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners such as  Liquid-Plumber should not be used when a drain is not draining at all. They should be used only if it is a slow drain. If you use the liquid drain cleaner on a drain that is completely stopped it will just add to the build up rather than clear it. Liquid drain cleaners should not be be used on toilets as they are not designed to remove that type of waste. Also refrain from using them on dishwashers as they may damage the rubber used for draining the dishes.

For kitchen sinks, If you don’t have any liquid drain cleaner on hand often very hot water may get the job done especially if most of the blockage consists of grease.

Augers (Snakes)

You should be very careful when using an auger or a snake as they are typically called. It is possible to get injured by the cable if you use it improperly. You should start at a clean out as it is the most effective access point to  clear a drain.  If you don’t know where all of your clean-outs are, ask your plumber the next time he comes to your home. You need to get the auger as near the clog as possible before you begin feeding the cable . Kitchen drains typically need about 40 to 50 feet of cable and tub drains require about 10 to 15 feet.

When feeding the cable the amount of exposed cable shouldn’t exceed 18 inches.  Even the most experienced plumbers can get injured if too much cable is exposed.

Leaving it to a Professional Greer Plumber from KT Plumbing

The most effective way to get  a slow or stopped up drain fixed is too call your professional local plumber.  If  the drain is passed the point of being slow and is completely stopped , calling one of our friendly neighborhood plumbers will save you time and aggravation. A trained professional will have all the equipment and experience needed to clear that drain. They can even tell you how it got clogged and give you advice on how to prevent future clogs.

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