clogged drains - Greenville,SCA common challenge that many upstate SC homeowners typically encounter when performing home management is that of working with Greenville SC clogged drains. In some cases the clog can be easily fixed with a plunger. We do not recommend using chemical drain cleaners as they can cause dammage to your pipes. However, In many cases, people should seek out a licensed Greenville area plumber.

Most Greenville homeowners know how to work a plunger and pour chemical drain cleaners (again not recommended) down clogged drains. Often however these measures will not work or provide only act as  temporary solution for clogged drains.

Drain Cleaning

If a plunger doesn’t take care of the clogged drain, calling a plumber with the proper tools and expertise is the best way to get rid of the clog. A plumber will often feed a plumbing snake  down the pipe to see if the clog can be reached. For clogged sinks, they may clean the trap and feed the snake down the pipe that way. They may also cover the overflow valve for sink drains to help build pressure which may help bust through the clog.


If the snake is insuffecient they will often use a power auger that can more effectively cut through the clog. This machine should only be used by experienced plumbers to avoid further harm to your draining system. Your homes pipes are not indestructible and attempting to clear the drain yourself can actually lead to higher repair costs.  Many people think of calling a Greenville plumber as a last resort, but most often it’s the wisest and even the most frugal course of action. During our visit to your home we will gladly do a full inspection of all your drains as well as all your plumbing systems to inform you of any other issues and prevent additional service calls in the near future.

If you are looking for a plumber in Greenville or in the surronding Upstate SC area then call your friendly neighborhood plumbers at 864-663-6105

Constantly Clogging Drains?

Many upstate homeowners encounter the problem of constantly clogging drains. The problem often occurs in older homes with outdated plumbing that needs replaced. Due to the complex nature of many homes drainage system finding the source of the drain clog can often be difficult. It could be a blockage in the pipes inside the house or possibly the sewer lines outside the home. There are ways to diagnose the problem with your drainage system and determine if you need to call a local plumber for assistance.

Constantly obstructed pipes is a tell tale sign of developing drain problems. Drain problems can be caused from clogs grease, hair, coffee grounds, tree roots, small toys, and any other item. When clogging occurs water flow heading out of the drain becomes slow moving or sometimes does not drain at all. If your sink or tub is in good shape the the problem is in the underlying draining system.

Any standing or slow draining water in your tubs and sinks should be investigated. If water is pooling outside your home in the lawn this could indicate a break in your sewer lines. Sewer line breaks are the most serious of plumbing line breaks or leaks as they can cause damage to your home’s foundation or your yard. If bad odors or strange gushing noises start coming from your drains you should call a local Greenville plumber out to look at your system. Another way to identify a problem in your sewer lines is if the water level in your toilets fluctuates to having either an abundance or a shortage of adequate toilet water.

A local plumbing professional can clear any clog or fix and/or replace any pipes in your drainage system. If your in the Greenville or Spatanburg area and are having a problem with drain clogs give KT plumbing a call at 864 663 6105. Our plumbers are certified and licensed and committed to providing top notch service at prices that won’t break the bank.

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Call an Upstate Plumber for Clogged DrainsIf you need an Upstate Plumber for your clogged drain call KT Plumbing.

A common problem for Upstate homeowners are clogged drains. Hair and grease are usually the main culprits that cause drain clogs. To prevent grease from clogging your drains you should pour boling hot soapy water down them a couple times a month. This will aid in reducing grease buildup. An even better way to prevent clogged drains due to grease is to dispose of grease properly rather than pouring it down the drain.

To keep hair from clogging your drains you should clean the drain covers in your shower and sink after each use. This will assist in reducing the amount of hair that goes into your drains and thus preventing clogs. If you do get a clogged drain avoid using acid or lye based “drain cleaning” products as they can cause harm to not only your pipes but people as well. Its always best to call an Upstate plumber at 864 663 6105 if you get a serious drain clog as we can come out and thouroghly clean your drains often when using hot soapy water or chemicals to clear your drains it is only a temporary solution. If you attempted to clear your own drains and used an acid or lye based product be sure to let your plumber know.

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