choosing a shower - electric showerUpgrading your shower you can add some additional luxury and comfort to your Greenville home. When choosing a shower you may not be aware of all the choices that are available when it comes to improving your shower. To ensure you get the shower that is right for your friendly neighborhood plumbers at KT Plumbing have broken down your choices below.  When installing a new shower you may need the assistance of a qualified local plumber – give us a call at (864) – 663-6105 and we will be happy to help.

What shower is best for your home?

What you first need to determine is what you are looking to get out of your shower. Are you looking for a consistent level of pressure or do you have a lrage family that needs the hot water to be available on a more consistent basis?

Your current plumbing setup comes into play as well when making your shower decision. Some shower options will not work for a  combi-boiler system.

There are two types of shower systems to choose from – Gravity fed and electric. Which one is right for your family? Let’s way the pros and cons of each.

Gravity fed showers

With a gravity fed shower your water may run slower. The reason for this is that gravity fed showers use gravity to draw water from the hot water tank and cold water tank. The water then goes through a mixer to the shower head. Because water is travelling down and this distance between the tank and the actual shower head may be significant, your water may run a bit slower.

Installation of a gravity-fed shower is easy when you have a water tank system in place. You can tap into the existing bathroom water supply if there is enough pressure at the bath taps. You should be aware that you will lose some pressure in your shower head because of the elevation.

If you like a massaging type of preesure from your shower this may not be the shower system for you as low water pressure can be a problem. The solution to this problem could be to raise the water tank. There is yet another drawback with gravity-fed showers and that is the hot water is solely determined by how much hot water can be stored in your hot water tank. Gravity fed showers are not recommended for large families in which multiple family members need to take showers around the same time.

Electric showers

Electic showers do not rely on the water tank, instead they usually get their water supply from the cold water mains in your house. The electric shower contains its own heating element which heats up the water as demanded. Temperature and water flow controls are located directly on the unit as well.

If you have a large family or just like to know that you are always going to have hot water available for your shower then an electric shower is the proper choice. Water pressure is typically good due to the water supply coming from the mains. However with some units the flow control may affect the temperature with higher temperatures meaning lower pressure so be sure to check with the manufacturer.

Installing an electrical shower is usually more difficult than getting a gravity-fed system due to the need for an electrical contractor to wire the system to the power supply. If always having hot water for your shower is important to your family than an electric shower is defenitly the way to go and worth the cost.

Now that you know the diffrent shower systems available you can make the best choice for your comfort and budget. The plumbers at KT plumbing are here to help if you have any further questions or when your ready to install your new shower. Call us at 864-663-6105.

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