toilet clogA common problem we often run into is clogged drains due to someones kids sticking a toy or other random object down the drain. So in honor of this we have started a thread on our Facebook page entitled What is the weirdest  thing your kids or other family member has ever put down the drain or flushed in the toilet? So head on over there – Like the page, and tell us a story or post a pic of the worst things you have seen put down the drain. Please keep what you post clean as we are a family friendly company.

So to that accord here is a list of things that should never put down the  drain. Also remember even if you have a garbage disposal it is not intended for all types of garbage.

  • Coffee – Don’t dump your coffee grounds down the drain after you have brewed your coffee. It may seem like it would be harmless but coffee is an oil extracted from coffee beans. It will eat away at the drain and the oil starts to collect and can create clogs. So just throw it in the garbage can  . Even if you dump brewed coffee down the drain remember to run a good amount of hot water right afterward.
  • Soda Pop – I am sure many people have poured unused soda down the drain. Why should you not do this? The acids in these drinks can eat away at your pipes and can also turn into a syrup like goop that clogs your pipes.  Did you know that the iron drains attached to soda fountain machines only last about 5 to 6 years? You may also want to consider at least diminishing if not stopping putting soda down your human pipes.
  • Stringy Vegetables  Such as Asparagus, Celery, or Carrots – Another item that many people put down the drain without thinking of the consequences. These produce items need to go in the trash and not down the drain or garbage disposal as they can cause damage to either one.
  • Rice – Most people are unaware of the harmful effects of rice if you put it down the drain. Use a strainer over the sink and remove any pieces that may have escaped as it can damage your plumbing. Rice expands with water and cause clogs in your drain.
  • Pasta – Same problem as rice.
  • Grease- This is probably the #1 thing most cautioned against and for good reason. Grease can really cause problems for your plumbing.
  • Toys – Small children want to see if their Aquaman, scuba diver or Little Mermaid can actually swim and for some reason the bathtub is not the only place they want to test this out.  Sinks and even toilets become part of the play time adventures and sometimes these toys become casualties along with your plumbing.
  • Toilet Paper – It seems weird that something called TOILET paper should not go down the toilet. However I can almost say with certainty that for 95% of american households that this is the disposal method of choice. The problem is not necessarily in the practice itself but in the excess. Most families do not want to use the alternative method of putting it in the garbage waste can as it seems disgusting and well ya it is sort of disgusting. Instead flush more than once during your bathroom visits to limit the amount of TP headed down the drain at once.
  • Dryer Lint – Often gets down the laundry room drain and can really jam up your pipes especially.
  • Paint – It may seem like a good idea to rinse your paint brushes in the sink. Believe me it is not. Use a warm bucket of water instead
  • Hair – This may be the #1 cause of most household drain clogs. Do your best to avoid letting hair get down your drains.
  • Oil – Cooking oils. lard, shortening, butter, margarine, and many sauces mostly consist of oil that can cause your pipes to clog. Dispose of these items in the garbage can and not in the sink.
  • Flour – Flour when mixed with water starts to form a paste like substance and can block up your pipes or cause your garbage disposal to get stuck.
  • Thick Paper – Paper products  such as paper towels, napkins, and overdue homework assignments have no business going down the toilet or sink drain. Same problem as toilet paper or at least 5x worse.
  • Feminine Products – Another one of the common items that keep getting put down the toilet drain despite warnings against it. They are one of the more common reasons toilets get clogged up. Despite the claims on many of the packages that say they are biodegradable  they should not be flushed. Biodegradable means that it will break down at some point. Most of these things are made of plastic, polyester, and cotton fibers. How long do you think those materials will take to break down? Not fast enough to save your toilet from being clogged.
  • Diaper – Even though the contents of dirty diapers usually go in the toilet that does not mean the whole thing belongs in it.
  • Glass – Hopefully if broken glass goes down your drain it was by mistake. If a glass breaks in your sink be sure to clear it and not let any get down the drain. The potential for clogs and broken garbage disposals increase greatly if it does escapee down the drain.
  • Toothbrush – Again probably an accident if it gets stuck down the drain. Just try and be careful and make sure you have a drain cover to avoid losing your toothbrush down the drain and waiting for the clog that is soon to come.
  • Mop Head – Much like paint brushes people often make the mistake of rinsing a mop head in the drain. The strands of fiber can cause drain clogs.
  • Underwear – Don’t know why it happens and probably don’t want to know. But it happens. Never flush your underwear down the drain.
  • Bones – Bones of any size should not go down your sink drains or in the garbage disposal as they can damage your garbage disposal or clog your drain.
  • Eggshells – Not good for your pipes or garbage disposal.
  • Tea Bags – Make sure if you dump tea into the sink the tea bags don’t get into your drains.
  • Fruit Seeds – Fruit seeds are often hard for most garbage disposals to deal with so it is best to throw them in the garbage.
  • Vegetable or Fruit Skins – Much like fruit seeds garbage disposals often don’t do well with vegetable or fruit skins.
  • Meat Fats – Like oil mentioned earlier fats from meats can really do a number on your pipes.
  • Cotton Balls & Swabs – The problem with cotton is they eventually gather together in pipe bends and hence creating clogs.
  • Prescription Medication – Never dump medication down the drain. These medications are very dangerous as they contaminate groundwater supplies, destroy bacteria, and endanger wildlife.
  • Cigarette butts – One word Toxic. So much like soda not only does it not belong in your home’s plumbing but you should consider not putting in your body as well.
  • Band-aids – Can cause clogs and they are most often made of non biodegradable plastic.
  • Dental floss – Also not biodegradableand can cause clogs by wrapping itself around other objects in the drain making something like a net catching other objects that may have mistakenly came down the drain.
  • Cat litter – So many things wrong with this – Cat Litter is made of clay and sand. Clay and sand should not go into your plumbing and the cat waste is Toxic.

To avoid drain clogs and broken garbage disposals follow these tips:

  • To prevent food scraps  from going down the drain use a sink strainer.
  • Consider investing in a compost heap to dispose of food scraps.
  • Put all your kitchen fats and oils in a container and throw it in the garbage bin.
  • If you are about to wash greasy pots and pans take a paper towel and wipe them out first.
  • Put the following items in the trash and not in your plumbing – cotton buds, wet wipes, and sanitary products.
  • If you want to dispose of pharmaceuticals ask your local pharmacy on how to dispose of them properly.

If you ever do have a broken garbage disposal or a drain clog your friendly local Greenville area plumbers at KT plumbing are here to help. Give us a call at (864) 663-6105

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