When installing a sink, faucet or toilet – Hire a professional plumber

installing a sinkWhen it comes to installing a sink, toilet or faucet a lot can go wrong if you try and do it yourself. Usually if you are installing a new plumbing fixture it is an upgrade and the last thing you want to do is damage your new purchase. If you need a new plumbing fixture installed you should trust it to a professional plumber. Here are some reasons why:

When installing a sink get it done right.

Your new plumbing fixtures may have cost you hundreds of dollars. The last thing you want to do is attempt installing a sink or other plumbing fixture yourself and break either the fixture or existing infrastructure.  If you are going to invest in increasing the value of your home you should make sure everything is installed by a professional to avoid problems later.

When installing a sink prevent the possibility of leaks

If a sink, toilet or faucet is installed incorrectly you run the risk of  having leaks. Leaks can cause serious damage to your home including causing wood to rot, mold growth, and warping. Hiring a professional plumber is the only way to ensure that your fixture is installed correctly and that you will be free of leaks.

Save yourself some headaches

If you do not know exactly what you are doing installing a sink or other plumbing fixtures can be really frustrating. You will save yourself a lot of  time and stress by hiring a plumber.

If you need help installing a sink or for any of your plumbing needs in Greenville, Greer, Mauldin, or surrounding communities give the friendly plumbers at KT Plumbing a call at 864-663-6105.

Preparing Your Water Heater For Winter

water heaterIs your water heater prepared for the upcoming winter? The chill in the air the other morning as I was starting my day came as a surprise.  It seemed like it was just yesterday that we had temperatures in the low 90s and high 80s. Now I know it will not be long before winter is upon us.  For homeowners it is important to not only make sure your plumbing pipes  are ready for winter but your water heater as well. After all you do not want to wake up one morning getting ready for work and experience a cold shower instead of a nice warm shower.

Last weeks blog post was about making your water heater more efficient. This weeks post is going to cover how to make sure it is ready for winter. .

The first thing you want to check is…

How well insulated is your water heater?

Where in your home is the water heater located? Is it in the interior of the home or in a garage or basement?

You need to make sure your it is properly insulated especially if it is in an area that is not climate controlled like the rest of the home.  Poor insulation causes your water heater not to work at its optimal level. When your water heater is not insulated properly and not working as efficiently as possible it lowers the life span of the unit as the heating element will have to work much harder than it would normally. A properly insulated water heater will also cost you less on your energy bill.

The next thing to check is….

Is your water heater in need of a tune up?

Just like your car your water heater should be tuned up to prolong its life span. Tuning up your water heater in late summer or early fall will make sure it is prime operating condition for winter.

Water heaters tend to get used most in the winter.  You should have a professional plumber come out and inspect your water heater. It may just be in need of a good cleaning but it could also be time to replace or repair some of the parts. Getting your water heater tuned up will not only extend the life of the unit but prevent possible emergency or costly repairs later.

and finally check….

The temperature of the water heater

This is especially important if your water heater is stored in an area such as the garage that may be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. If that is the case colder water could be being delivered to the fixtures throughout your home. By simply turning up the thermostat during the colder months of the year will help your water heater operate more efficiently.


If you have any questions or would like us to come out and inspect your water heater give us a call at 864-663-6105.

How to make your hot water heater more efficient

hot water heaterIn this post we will cover way to save on your energy bill and conserve more hot water from your hot water heater. Improving how your hot water is distributed will go a long way to accomplish this goal. Here is a list of things to do to improve on the efficiency of your hot water heater.

Hot Water Heater Efficiency – For Existing Homes

  • Install low flow shower heads
  • Find and repair any leaks
  • Check insulation of pipes and add more if needed
  • Upgrade existing water heater if needed
  • Consider adding point of use water heaters where needed

Hot Water Heater Effeciency – For New Home Construction

  • Proper pipe insulation
  • Properly routed pipes
  • Purchase a energy efficient conventional water heater or a tankless water heater
  • Consider adding point of use water heaters where needed

A point of  use hot water heater is a great addition especially in larger homes where the distance from the main water heater to other parts of the house can result in significant heat loss. A point of use hot water heater heats water closest to the source it is most needed at.  Adding a point of use hot water heater in bathrooms or kitchens furthest from the main water heater is a often a better option then increasing the temperature setting of a storage water heater and thus increasing your energy costs. If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub, point of use water heaters are ideal to use to heat the water for a hot tub. Also, If you are building on to your existing home such as a loft over the garage you should seriously consider adding a point of use water heater to any bathrooms in the addition. With a point of use water heater you can run only cold water plumbing to the addition and use the POU for the hot water.

If your wondering if a point of use hot water heater would be an asset to your home give us a call and  ask one of our friendly plumbers at KT  Plumbing. We will give you an honest answer and will not sell you anything that will not be a benefit to you and your family.

Is a tankless hot water heater  best for your home?  Read our post – Should I buy a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

More information on hot water heater efficiency can be found on the American Council For An Energy Efficient Economy Website.

Greenville Plumber Answers Common Plumbing Questions

plumbing questions

You have plumbing questions… we have answers.

Below we will list some of the most common plumbing questions we receive.

Plumbing Questions

One of the plumbing questions we get the most is:

Plumbing Questions #1:

How do get my garbage garbage disposal un-jammed?

Plumbing questions – answer #1: One thing you can try is to use an Allen wrench and insert it  into the bottom of the disposal. Doing this may free up whatever is blocking your garbage disposal. This is the only thing you should try. If using the Allen wrench does not work you should avoid using the disposal to prevent further damage.  At this point you should call KT Plumbing in Greenville. We should be able to get it cleared of the jam. If we cannot it probably means the garbage disposal needs to be replaced. If it does we can get you a new disposal and install it for you.

Plumbing Questions #2:

How do I know if a water line outside my house is broken?

If you notice puddles of water in your yard or if your water bill has increased substantially you may have a broken water line. You should also listen for running water when all your faucets and appliances are not running or shut off as this could also indicate a broken water line.If you do suspect a broken water line call KT Plumbing  of Greenville. Our highly trained plumbers can quickly locate the leak and get your sanity and water bill both back to where they should be.

Plumbing Questions #3:

Why has my sump pump failed?

Sump pump failure can usually be attributed to a switching problem. What often happens is the the pump moves inside the basin.  When this happens the float that float that operates the switch gets lodged on its side. Another cause for problems with the sump pump switch is the accumulation of debris. Sump pumps also go out over time as they wear down with age. If you suspect that your sump pump is not working correctly give us a call and we will test, fix, and/or replace your sump pump.

Plumbing Questions #4:

What causes low water pressure?

Deposits in water lines, leaks, valves not fully opened, or clogged faucets/showerheads are all possible causes of low water pressure. Go through your home and clean all your faucets and clean or replace your showerheads. Check that your under the sink valves are all fully opened. If you still have low water pressure give KT Plumbing a call as the problem is probably something a plumber needs to tackle.

More Plumbing Questions…

Plumbing Questions #5:

Which is better a Conventional Water Heaters or a Tankless Water Heaters.  

The answer to this question can be boiled down to an efficiency vs cost debate. Conventional water heaters cost less upfront but end up costing more on your power bill as they are always on.

Tankless water heaters only heat water as needed so use substantially less energy and hence lower your power bill. However they have a higher purchase price. You can expect a longer life expectancy from a tankless water heater as well.

For more information on what type of water heater would be best for your home call the friendly neighborhood plumbers at KT Plumbing in Greenville.

Plumbing Questions #6:

What causes clogs in my kitchen sink and washing machine drains?

The most common reason for clogs is due to grease buildup from the kitchen drains and lint from the laundry drains as these drains are connected in most homes. .

To prevent clogs make sure you have strainers and filters in place. You should also give us a call once or twice a year to have us come out and snake your drains to prevent buildup.

Plumbing Questions #7:

What is the vibrating noise I hear in my pipes?

The banging  sound of pipes can be attributed most often to them being not properly secured. Sometimes it can be due to a loose washer or valve in a faucet. If the banging really annoys you our licensed Greenville plumbers can come out and add air chambers at the end of long pipe runs and/or make sure your pipes are properly secured.

Plumbing Questions #8:

How can I tell if my toilet leaks?

You can check your toilet for leaks by by adding a small amount of food coloring to the tank, and then checking the toilet bowl later. If the toilet bowl water is the color of the food coloring, water is getting through from the tank. If you find that it is leaking replace the tank ball.

Plumbing Questions #9:

What should I do about a sewer line blockage?

This is one of the worst things that can happen in the plumbing world as it is often caused by tree roots. When this happens your sewer line will need to be replaced. Unfortunately this is one of the more costly plumbing repairs you can experience as a homeowner.

Plumbing Questions #10:

What is wrong with my water heater?

With age water heaters build up sediment and  lime deposits.It is important to drain your water heater once every 3 months to remove these sediments and extend the life of your water heater. If left unattended the water heaters will become less efficient due to the sediment creating a barrier between the burner and the water.

It is also a good idea to have a plumber inspect your water heater for signs of corrosion and leakage every couple of years.

If you have plumbing questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer.

You may find the answer to some of your other plumbing questions here.

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Most Common Plumbing ProblemsWhat are the most common plumbing problems in Greenville, SC and the surrounding upstate?  Actually outside of frozen pipes in colder areas of the country the below plumbing problems are the most common across the United States.

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems: Running Toilet

Does your toilet run non-stop? The solution could be to replace some of the components inside the tank. Often these components get worn out over time and cause the toilet to not function properly. Usually the source of the problem is when the flapper valve no longer fits properly.  If this is the problem the flapper can easily be replaced without the need to call a plumber.

If after you replace the flapper the toilet continues to run it may be another problem entirely. It may be that the float apparatus also needs to be replaced. If you replace that then it is more than likely time to call a plumber. You may have a slow leak or another problem causing your toilet to run constantly.

For more on the plumbing problems with toilets check out our blog post – The 7 most common toilet problems

Plumbing Problems: Low Water Pressure

Lack of proper water pressure can really be aggravating. Especially if instead of a full force shower you get a drip shower.  Although not common the lack of water pressure may be due to a break in main water line. What is more likely is that a build up of  sediment on faucet aerators. You can decrease the probability of sediment build up by installing a water filtration system. Remove the faucet aerators from the tip of your kitchen faucet and clean it. Then reattach and run the water gain to see if the water pressure has improved. Although not as easily removed you can also clean shower heads to try ans restore water pressure.  If cleaning the shower head or faucet aerator did not restore proper water pressure, you may have a leak or broken pipe. Needless to say this is the time to call a Greenville plumber.

Plumbing Problems: Dripping Faucets

Ever try and fall asleep when you can hear the sound of a dripping faucet? Drip, drip, drip, aghhh. How annoying. Not only is the inability to fall asleep annoying but so is the rise in the water bill. If left unfixed you could be letting hundreds of gallons of water per year go down the drain and a little cash too.

The most common reason for a slow drip is that the washer in your faucet has worn down and is no longer sealing properly. It is possible to replace the washer yourself however it may be tricky unless you have the right tools. If replacing the washers does not solve the drip problem it could be caused by the valve seat may being worn or corroded. You guessed it – Time to call a Greenville plumber.

Plumbing Problems: Slow or Clogged Drains

If you have a clog in your sink, toilet or tub it can sometimes be easily cleared with the household plunger. Or so it may seem…often it is a temporary fix as the plunger will get the water flowing again but not completely clear the clog. Before you know it the clog is back and your breaking out the plunger again. If the clog comes back after the first plunging, you should call a plumber. Unless you want top cause damage to your pipes – DO NOT use commercial drain cleaners. What is the most common cause of clogs? – Things going down the drain that are not supposed to like hair, toys, food, etc.. Even if you don’t have a complete clog, debris in pipes can slow drainage to a trickle. Shine a flashlight into the drain and see if you can spot the problem. A pair of pliers or tweezers might be able to reach a clump of hair or fallen bottle cap that’s obstructing your pipes. Installing drain screens can prevent detritus from finding its way into drains.

Plumbing Problems: Leaks

If you notice a leak you should go ahead and call a plumber immediately. Putting it off could make the problem worse or even cause damage to your home.

Here is a great infographic from the Landlord Blog with 5 biggest plumbing problems.

If you are having plumbing problems give  KT Plumbing in Greenville a call at 864-663-6105.

Cool kitchen and bathroom gadgets for your home

bathroom gadgets

bathroom gadgetsKitchen and Bathroom Gadgets

When it comes to adding cool kitchen or bathroom gadgets to your Greenville area home most homeowners don’t look much further then large jetted garden tubs or water filtration systems. Below we will list a few other kitchen and bathroom gadgets that you could add to your bathroom or kitchen. These kitchen and bathroom gadgets range in price from affordable to luxurious.

  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser –  This is one of our favorite kitchen and bathroom gadgets. With an instant hot water dispenser you no longer have to wait for water to boil on the stove. An instant hot water heater can help you do a  lot of things such as cooking pasta, thawing frozen foods, quickly prepare hot chocolate and other hot beverages, warming plates,  warming ice cream scoops, and a ton of other things you would use hot water for. if you entertain at your home frequently then owning a instant hot water dispenser is almost a necessity. Once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker – Want to rock out or listen to some relaxing jazz in your shower? You can do so with these bathroom gadgets – showerhead with a built in bluetooth speaker by Kohler .
  • Slow Close Toilet Seat – Tired of hearing the toilet seat slam down when your kids are done in the bathroom? Get a slow close toilet seat and add a little more peace to your life. Or maybe your issue is that the lid never gets put down. If that is the case you could get a automatic toilet seat. It still requires a wave of the hand to open and close so it is not guaranteed to solve the problem but at least it will eliminate the possibility of  the spread of germs.
  • Airpressure toilet flush – Want to be a little more green and reduce your family’s water consumption? Get a pressure assisted toilet.  The EPA estimates that a pressure assisted toilet can save several thousand gallons a year of water a year for the average size family. Another advantage of this type of toilet is the lower probability of clogs due to a 50% further flush.

More Kitchen & Bathroom Gadgets

  • Programmable Shower – If  you really want to get really modern and techie with your shower look no further then the programmable shower. They are not cheap – look to spend around $7,000.  What do you get for that price? You get a full color touch screen that can control up to four water outlets, water temperature, water pressure, spray type, shower lighting, and audio volume controls. Each family member can also have there own preferred settings. For more bathroom gadgets including shower ideas for your luxury bathroom check out this post.
  • Heated Toilet Seat – Much like many people like to have heated seats in their vehicles for cold days a heated toilet seat is also an added level of comfort for many families. The seat is heated 20 to 25 degrees above room temperature.
  • Hand Dryers – I know that when I mention hand dryers you think about the gas station restrooms where they are basically useless and you end up drying your hands on your pants anyway. However hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade are much more efficient.  It can dry your hands in as little as 14 seconds.  The Dyson Airblade allows you to wash and dry your hands right at the tap rather then drying your hands away from the tap and dripping across counters and floors. It also makes your family a little greener (no you want actually change color) I mean that by not using hand towels that may increase wash loads or paper towels you will help conserve natural resources.
  • Smart Dishwashers – You can now buy dishwashers that you can connect to wi-fi networks. These state of the art dishwashers will tell you when electricity consumption is cheapest during the day. If you press the smart grid button the dishwasher will run during that cheapest time of day.
  • Smart Washing Machines – I am not sure if smart washing machines are available yet but they are being tested overseas already. A smart washer will inform you of what cycle the clothes you are washing are in and if anything goes wrong.
  • Flush Light – Wake up in the middle of the night and not want to be shocked into consciousness by the bright light when you turn on the bathroom light? Here comes the flush light to the rescue. Acting as sort of a night light that replaces your toilets flush handle. Touch the button and the flush light brightens and then slowly dims automatically after several minutes. It never completely goes out so that you can see without turning it on when you enter the bathroom. The light is powered by a 9 volt battery. Another more costly alternative is to install motion lighting under your cabinets or other areas of your bathroom.
  • Towel Warmers – Ahhh, The feel of a nice warm towel after a shower is awesome. Towel warmers are one of those amenities that are not very expensive that bring a lot of comfort to your family.
  • Hi Tech Toilet – Kohler makes a toilet with just about every bell and whistle you can imagine. Motion activated seat, bidet feature, air dryer, and foot warmer are just some of the features offered. To check out everything this toilet has to offer go to their website.  Much like the programmable shower it is not cheap. If you rationalize it by how much time you spend there – like many do when purchasing things like bedding, and other furnishings it may seem a little more reasonable.

So these are just a few kitchen and bathroom gadgets you can buy to make your family more comfortable. If you need any help choosing or installing any of these kitchen and bathroom gadgets give your friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers at KT Plumbing a call at 864-663-6105. 

What to do about an underground water leak.

underground water leak

underground water leakIf your water bill starts to rise and you cannot figure out exactly why, it could mean you have an underground water leak. Underground water leaks can sometimes be detected by looking for pools of water in your yard.  If you do not find any out of the ordinary pools of water in your yard there are other ways to find out if you have an underground water leak.

How to tell if you have an underground water leak.

The first thing you need to do in determining if you have an underground water leak is to turn off all of your faucets and fixtures. Once you do that  check your water meter to see if it is still running. If you find that the water meter is still running then you need to find the main water shut off valve and turn the water off.  Once you turn it off check the water meter to see if it is still running. If you find that the water meter is still running it means that you probably have a an underground water leak. If it is an underground water leak you should call your friendly neighborhood Greenville plumbers at KT Plumbing to find and repair the leak for you. The cost of the repair depends on if the pipe is under concrete or grass and the severity of the damage.

Underground Water Leak or Something Else?

If the water meter stopped when you turned off the shut off valve then the leak is either under or in the house. Check to make sure the toilet is not constantly running. If you eliminate the running toilet then you could have a cracked or broken pipe.  Walk around your home and listen for a pressurized hissing or dripping sound. If you do not find the leak but still highly suspect you have one give us a call and we can use our leak detection equipment to find the leak for you. If you find that you do have an underground water leak we will be glad to come out and repair it for you. If you find that your toilet is running non stop we can fix that for you too.

There is also more about checking for underground water leak on the Greenville Water Department website.

Also for some more in depth information on underground water leaks check out this article from SubSurface Leak Detection Inc. 

If you suspect you have an underground water leak give us a call at 864-663-6105.

Where is my water shut off valve? – Greenville Plumber Answers

Where is my water shut off valve

Do you know where your water shut off valve is?
Where is my water shut off valve

Water Shut Off Valve

One of the worst things that can happen is to suddenly have a plumbing emergency and not know how to stop the water flow. We hope you never find yourself in the situation asking – Where is my water shut off valve? The damage that the water causes to your home may be more expensive then fixing the cause of the plumbing emergency. If you live in a municipality your water meter and shut off  valve are probably close to each other. If you know where the water meter is then finding your main shut off valve should be rather easy.

Where is my water shut off valve?

If you do not know where your water meter is it is usually under a hatch underground either near the street or between your home and an adjacent property. To find it survey the area by the street and between your property and the properties next to yours for a metal lid. The lid should be labeled water meter or water. Opening the lid should only require just the unscrewing of one bolt.

Once you open the lid you should see a rotating valve or a valve with a flange. If it is a flange you may need a pipe wrench to turn it. If you need to turn the water off turn the valve clockwise.

It is also possible that your shut off valve is located in your basement or crawlspace. Look for the pathway of the main water line running through the basement or crawlspace to locate it. It is important to know exactly where the main water shut off valve is in case you ever have a plumbing emergency. Here is a youtube video showing you how to locate your water shut off valve.

Finding and turning off your water shut off valve is very important especially if you have an underground water leak.

If you have a plumbing emergency and need a fast, reliable, emergency plumbing service call KT Plumbing located in Greer 864-663-6105. KT Plumbing can also handle any of  your non emergency plumbing needs such as water heater repair or installation, drain cleaning, etc.. for a full list of our services visit our services page.

So now you know where to find your your water shut off valve.

How to take care of your plumbing pipes

plumbing pipes

plumbing pipes

To ensure your plumbing pipes stay free and clear of clogs and in top working condition follow these helpful tips

Properly Insulate Pipes: For pipes that can be exposed to freezing temperatures make sure they are properly insulated with inexpensive foam pipe insulation. This type of  insulation should work fine for South Carolina’s moderate winters. If you live somewhere where it gets colder you should get heat tape for any pipes not in temperature controlled areas.

Remove Garden Hoses: Remove any garden hoses as part of winterizing your home prior to the onset of freezing temperatures. If water in a garden hose freezes it will expand and increase pressure in the entire plumbing system . This can cause interior pipes to burst as well. Check your spigots to see if they are frost proof, if not, open and drain the spigot, and install a faucet insulator. 

Reduce Noise: If your pipes squeak or make a hammering noise, the problem is usually that they are not anchored properly. In this instance I would recommend giving us a call so that they can be anchored properly. 

Use Strainers: All drains in your home should be outfitted with a strainer to avoid large particles getting into your pipes and causing clogs. Make sure to also regularly clean your strainers, especially the one in the kitchen sink.

Hair free zone: One of the most common types of clogs comes from hair accumulating in drain pipes. When cutting hair or cleaning do not push the hair down the drain. Throw it in the garbage.

Are solar water heaters worth the cost?

solar water heater

solar water heaterWill buying a solar water heater save you money on your power bills? The answer of course is yes. However what you need to consider is how long it will take for you to recoup the investment in buying a solar water heating unit. This varies based on the area of the country you live in, the type of unit you buy, and how much hot water your family uses. If you have a larger family living in Arizona you will get back your investment faster then a smaller family living in North Carolina. In places where freezing or frost is a possibility such as here in South Carolina it will be necessary to install an antifreeze or a pump down system to prevent damage to the unit. The cost of a solar water heater with installation is upwards from $4,000. Available rebates, tax credits or grants can make the system cheaper.

On average, Solar Water Heaters cost around $6,766 (80 gallon tank) installed according to our most recent data from the JEA Solar Incentive Program (October 2012 through September 2013). The highest system cost was $9,654 (>120 gallon tank) and the lowest system cost was$3,935 (<80 gallon tank). – From JEA Solar Incentive Program.

Here is a  list of the pros and cons of solar water heaters

Pros of having a Solar Water Heater

FREE Energy (sort of) – Solar Water heaters do not use electricity to heat the water, however if pumps are needed some electricity will be needed for them to operate. Other than that, once you recoup the initial investment you are essentially free and clear for the life of the solar water heater.

Greenest Solution – If you want to “get off the grid” for some of your energy needs, this is the best way to accomplish that with your water heating needs. Installing a solar water heater would reduce your hot-water carbon footprint by 50% or more. You are also conserving nonrenewable fuels for applications for which there are currently no easily available renewable energy sources.

Great in sunny and warm climates – Areas such as Florida (despite all the rain) and the Southwest of the United States will benefit most from owning a solar water heater as they will get much more fuel than other areas.

Increase in overall home value – Having green energy solutions as part of a home increases the home’s overall value.

Federal Tax Credits – By opting for greener energy solutions you can get tax credits to help lower upfront cost, and some local goverments also offer incentives that also help offset part of the initial investment.

Quiet – Solar power systems run with little to no noise.

Cons or concerns of solar water heaters

Initial Investment – At upwards of $4,000 with installation – a solar powered water heater is by far the most expensive type of water heater you can buy. It is worth noting however that especially in sunny areas it also saves you the most on your power bills.

Frost and Freeze – If you live in a colder area where frost or freeze is likely you will need a unit with antifreeze or a pump down system and direct heater models (batch, thermosiphon and direct-active) are not unavailable to you due to the risk of freezing. Here is a link exploring the different types of solar water heaters.

Home Location – You will need a good mounting location with good exposure to the sun for your solar water heater. If you are in a home surrounded by taller structures or in an urban area – your home may not be a good candidate for solar power. Also if you live in parts of the Pacific Northwest where cloud cover and colder temperatures are frequent it probably does not make economical sense to own a solar water heater.

Water Quality – If your water quality is hard or acidic it can corrode a water circulation system. If this is the case your home is not a good candidate for a solar water  heating system.

Building Regulations – Due to the possibility of earthquakes or other concerns strict weight limits  for roof-mounted equipment are in place in some areas. A solar water heating system may be deemed too heavy.

Require More Maintenance – As there is more equipment involved with solar water heaters there is more of a  likelihood for increased maintenance.

Run of Bad Weather – You will need a backup source of energy if a string of  days with little to no sunshine occur.

The U.S Department of Energy has a page on their website that shows you how to estimate the cost and energy efficiency of a solar water heater.

Now you have some information on the benefits and concerns of owning a solar water heater you can make a more educated decision on whether a solar water heating system is the right choice for your home and family. If you decide you would like to install a solar water heater KT Plumbing can install it for you. Give us a call at 864-663-6105. If you need a tankless or conventional water heater we can handle that for you as well.