local plumber in Greenville areaFinding a reliable local plumber is something many Greenville area home and business owners need to do soon after buying their home or business.  Getting your plumbing service inline early on can save you time and frustration later on. It is a good idea after buying a house or business to get a local plumber to come out and inspect the plumbing. A plumbing inspection can prevent possible costly repairs in the future. Would’t it be nice to know that your hot water heater needs to be replaced or repaired before it goes out? KT Plumbing has local plumbers available that can provide plumbing inspections for your home or business. With businesses that have foot traffic in and out of their facility a plumbing inspection is extremely important. Nothing can divert those customers from coming to your business more than a flooded bathroom or even worse – an overflowing toilet.

Some of the things we look for in a plumbing inspection from local plumber

  • Water Heater: Our local plumber will inspect your water heaters for signs of corrosion and mineral deposits and advise if it may need to be repaired or replaced. They will also determine whether it is big enough to accommodate the needs of the family or business.
  • Condition of pipes: We will inspect the current condition of all the plumbing pipes in the structure to make sure they are in good shape and are free of leaks.
  • Water shut off valves: We will ensure that they are in good working order.
  • Lead pipes: Often homes or businesses built prior to 1986 will have lead or galvanized pipes. Lead is an environmental toxin and any lead piping should be replaced.
  • Water pipe size: We will examine the size of  existing water pipes to determine the water pressure. For adequate water pressure the lines should be ¾” to one inch directly from the main water source for the home or business. The pipes themselves should be at least a ½” in diameter to provide proper flow.
  • Cold weather protection: We will make sure that the plumbing throughout the home or business is prepared for freezing weather by having pipes wrapped.
  • Inspect fixtures: The plumber will look at your faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets for any signs of leaks and that they are all working properly.


These are just a some of the things one of our local plumbers will check during a plumbing inspection. Factors such as age, type, and size of the home or business could warrant additional checks.

So call your friendly neighborhood plumbers at KT Plumbing (864) 663-6105 to get a great local plumber you can trust to do an exceptional job at a fair price.

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