bathtub installationOne of the primary replacements in a bathroom remodel is the bathtub. Picking the right model and features of your new tub can be a daunting process let alone actually getting it installed correctly. It is important to have a professional involved in your bathtub installation from the beginning. Kt Plumbing has professional plumbers ready to help you with your bathroom remodeling and bathtub installation in Greenville, SC. We not only will help you with you get your new bathtub installed and working correctly we provide assistance for your entire bathroom remodel. 

 So to get you started here are some tips on bathtub installation:

  • Bathtub Design: A good plumbing and remodeling contractor can assist you with choosing the material, look, finish, and fixtures that will best suite the bathroom design that you envision. As the bathtub is usually the largest fixture in your bathroom it is important to get the right one.
  • Bathtub Features: Long gone are the days of limited choices for your bathtub. Bathtubs today offer advancements such as water jets, hydro massage, waterproof electronics built in, or even bathtubs you can walk into. Your new bathtub can now deliver more comfort and relaxation than ever before.
  • Bathtub Installation: After you have chosen the bathtub of your dreams you will want to make sure it is installed correctly. A bad installation can lead to your bathroom being more like a nightmare than a dream.  If the bathtub is Insufficiently sealed, improperly placed or if the plumbing connections are not done correctly it can lead to damage to your bathroom. That is one of the reasons why hiring the right contractor is essential.  It is also important to have them involved from the beginning to ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

For installing a new bath in Greenville, SC look no further than KT Plumbing. We have expert plumbing contractors that have the knowledge and experience to make your bathroom remodel a success. Give us a call at – 864-663-6105 – You’ll be glad you did.

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