As a plumber I have seen or had a hand in many bathroom remodeling projects. I like to keep an eye out for new and interesting bathroom remodeling ideas and trends. The list below consists of some bathroom remodeling ideas that I found interesting and thought our blog readers would as well.

Adding wood features to a bathroom

Traditional Bathroom by Fort Washington General Contractors HomeTech Renovations, Inc.

Hardwood Floors – One of the first things that many homeowners do when renovating a home is to replace carpet throughout the home with more attractive hardwood floors. The bathroom is usually one of the only rooms where hardwood flooring is not considered.  Most bathrooms flooring is either laminate or tile. The reason for this is the fear of moisture damaging the flooring.  However you can put down 15-pound tar paper to protect the floor from any water that does get through. Another good reason to include the bathroom when putting in hardwood flooring is that it is easier to run flooring that exists in the other rooms of the house through to the bathroom. It also creates a smooth consistent look and feel.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Building DesignersErickson Zebroski Design Group, Inc.

Exposed Wood Beams – Another cool idea is to have a more open ceiling with exposed wooden beams. It creates a look and feeling of warmth in a room that often has a more cold look and feel.

Contemporary Bathroom

Wood Accents – Having wood accents such as the wall shown below or with cabinetry can once again add warmth as well as more texture to a bathroom. It is important to properly coat the wood to protect it from moisture.

Under Cabinet/Counter Lighting

Contemporary Bathroom by La Jolla Architects & Building Designers m.a.p. interiors inc. / Sylvia Beez

In the example shown you can see light emanating from below the shelves and cabinetry highlighting the features of the bathroom.

These are just a couple ideas that you may want to incorporate into your bathroom remodel. If you need a plumber to assist you with your bathroom remodel give KT Plumbing your friendly neighborhood plumbers in Greer a call.  864-663-6105 

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