dual shower- luxury shower ideasIf you are thinking about doing a bathroom remodel or are having a new home built there is a lot you can do with the shower to add some luxury.

Below is a list of ideas for luxury showers. Depending on your budget and the space available you can choose which ones work best for your home.

  1. His and Her shower – Let’s face it most women need a lot more space for “product” and also tend to have more frilly bathroom items. The pink scrubbie comes to mind. For us guys this may be more femininity than we can stand in such an intimate area.  For women they may not want our Old Spice body scrub anywhere near their pink scrubbies. The solution a dual shower. Her shower on one side and his on the other. This allows us men to take a shower and not feel like we are in such a girly space. For women it lets them have a space all to themselves. Creating a his and her shower will require a lot of space so may not be practical for smaller homes. It also is somewhat expensive as there needs to be two of almost everything. But we are making a luxury list and what is more luxurious than having your own space in the shower that you don’t need to share with the pink scrubbie or Old Spice body scrub.
  2. Loose the bathtub – Although it is practical the combo of shower and bathtub is far from luxurious. Separate the two so you can have a really nice shower and bathtub. Our post next week will cover luxury bathtub ideas.
  3. Stone Shower – The normal texture of  a shower is very plain. Adding a stone texture such as limestone can greatly improve the look and feel of your shower.
  4. Glass doors not shower curtains – Leave the decorated curtains in the kids bathroom.  You can take it a step further with etched glass and/or fancy door handles. The glass does not have to be rectangular either as curvature can be added to make your shower even more elegant.
  5. Windows? – Of course this option depends on the location of your bathroom as you would not want windows if your bathroom faces the road in front of your house. In that case you could add a skylight. Letting natural light into your shower increases the ambiance. There is also way the windows can be constructed to fog over at the flip of a switch for privacy.
  6. Adding a shower bench – What advantage the bathtub have over the shower normally? The ability to sit down and relax. If you add a bench in your shower you can have that same convenience in your shower. This will also require you to have a larger shower.
  7. Steam Shower – By having the glass walls and doors reach the ceiling your shower becomes a steam shower.
  8. Shower walls and floors – Adding curved walls or decorative flooring is another way to enhance the shower in your bathroom.

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