Clogged DrainIt is inevitable that at some point your  kitchen will eventually require drain cleaning.  What you should not do when this happens is pour a chemical drain cleaner down the sink that can cause damage to your plumbing. Not to mention that they are toxic and can also burn your skin.  Follow these much safer and greener ways to clean your drains.

  1.  The first thing to do is to remove the sink stopper and clear any food debris from the top of the sink drain. You should then run water to see if the drain is still clogged. If the drain is still clogged run hot water until the sink is half full.
  2. You should then get your toilet plunger and make sure it is clean. Then place it over the drain and pump it about 10 times. Lift the plunger up quickly on the last stroke. The water should then drain down the sink. If the water does not go down the drain repeat the process a couple more times. If the water does not drain go to step 3.
  3.  If using the plunger does not clear the sink you will need to open up the curved piece of pipe underneath the sink known as the trap. Start by putting  a bucket under the trap to catch the water. There will be a plug on the bottom of the trap use a wrench to unscrew it and let the water run into the bucket. In the case were the trap does not have a plug you will need to remove the trap. To do this unscrew the two  nuts attached to each side of the trap and clear the blockage using a bent clothes hanger wire or if possible with your hand. After clearing the trap re-attach it or put the plug back in. Then test it by running water into the sink to ensure the drain is cleared. Also look for leaks to ensure you securely attached the trap or plug.
  4.  If cleaning the trap does not work you should call a plumber in Greenville. As the next step involves using a  plumber’s snake. If used incorrectly these snakes can be dangerous to you and your plumbing. Most clogs will be cleared after using a snake. If not you should have already contacted one of our Greenville plumbers who will have the knowledge and special tools to clear your clogged drain.

In most cases you can clear a clogged drain by yourself without the use of toxic chemicals or a plumber in greenville. To avoid clogs in the future – do not put things in the drain that may cause clogs. Things such as cooking oils or grease  can lead to a residue build up over time that will cause a blockage. Instead of pouring it down the drain put oils and grease into a used coffee can or milk carton. Other things to avoid putting down the drain are kitchen scraps, leftovers, and coffee grounds unless you have an in-sink garbage disposer which will grind it up into tiny pieces.

Do you have a Clogged Drain that you can’t clear? For this and any other plumbing problem or emergency call your friendly Greenville Plumbers at KT Plumbing!
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